3D MVC playaback on LG 4K 3D OLED (2016 and earlier models)
I have posted about this on the other thread regarding MVC playback on Intel NUCs.  I'd like to have a discussion here with the folks that have LG 3D TVs.

I have 2 3D TVs in the house, a Vizio E3D320VX, and an LG OLED65E6P.  I also have multiple Intel NUCs, both 6th Gen and 8th Gen, all running basically the same software load, with a few minor differences in drivers to account for the differences in hardware.  The KODI version is 20.0 MVC branch, and previously used KODI 19.0 Matrix.

When connected to the Vizio, all the NUCs (6th and 8th Gen) will trigger TV's 3D mode automatically, regardless of whether I'm playing a full 3D BluRay Rip, MVC encoded video, Half-SBS, or Half-Over/Under.  As soon as playback starts, the TV pops-up "3D content detected, do you want to play it in 3D or 2D", and another to put my 3D glasses on.  So I consider this to be the desired functionality.

Now the problem.  The same systems, when connected to the LG TV, will not enable the TV's 3D mode.  3D BluRays play in 2D, MVC movies will play in Over/Under, and Half-SBS or Over/Under play in their respective format.  All these require me to manually click the 3D button and select the respective mode.  None enables 3D mode automatically.

On a side note, unlike the Vizio which pops up a message about 3D content, the LG does not, even from actual 3D BluRay being played on my Blu-Ray player, it simply switches into 3D mode.  If there are any messages or warnings about putting your 3D glasses on, those come from the disk content itself, not from the player or from the TV.

I know that much has been made about 3D BluRays only supporting HDMI 1.4.  I'm pretty sure that's not the case.  My BD player is a Sony UBP-UX80 (same as the UBP-X800).  This is a UHD 3D player, and the signal it outputs is 2.0.  It also upscales 3D to 4K, and that signal is definitely HDMI 2.0.

Back to the Intel NUC, I also installed Cyberlink's PowerDVD and while it can't play MVC encoded videos (it only sees them as 2D), it can play mounted 3D BluRay ISOs.  It can't play the ISO directly, but if I mount it, the source appears automatically as a disc, AND it enables 3D mode automatically, as if was being played from an actual 3D BD player.  So this is more proof that native hardware 3D playback is possible on Intel NUCs on an LG TV.  But for some reason, KODI can't do it. 

So my only conclusion is that whatever signal KODI sends out to enable 3D, works on some TVs (like the Vizio), but not others (like the LG).

So the reason for this thread is see how many LG TV users have had success getting native, full frame 3D working.
I have a more modern LG TV model, so I don't have any problems playing 3D content.
(2023-03-13, 14:00)Cinda Wrote: I have a more modern LG TV model, so I don't have any problems playing 3D content.
Please explain your "more modern LG TV Model".  What model is it.

As far as I know, the LG TV I have was the last of the 3D models that LG made in 2016.

Which model do you have that's newer and supports 3D, I'm very interested.

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3D MVC playaback on LG 4K 3D OLED (2016 and earlier models)0
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