InfoDialog current playing media in home?

I wonder if there is a way to get the music/video-infodialog of the currently playing video/song when in home.xml.
I was thinking of a hiddenlist, but I don't know which content path to use?

When using a ..playlist:// path i only get the full playlist:

<control type="list" id="999999">
    <itemlayout height="36" width="1000">
        <control type="label">
    <focusedlayout height="36" width="1000">
        <control type="label">

Using a button, that sets the focus and calls info action works fine so far and info dialog gets shown:

<control type="button">
    <font />
    <texturefocus colordiffuse="$VAR[ColorHighlight]" flipx="true">osd/info.png</texturefocus>
    <texturenofocus colordiffuse="Dark2" flipx="true">osd/info.png</texturenofocus>

But i have no idea, how to limit the playlist to the current playing item...

Anyone have an idea?
What's wrong with using and infos?
(2023-03-13, 18:11)Hitcher Wrote: What's wrong with using and infos?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but I just wanted to use DialogVideoInfo.xml/DialogMusicInfo.xml dialog for that.
<content limit="1">playlistmusic://</content>
(2023-03-13, 18:46)Hitcher Wrote: <content limit="1">playlistmusic://</content>

I have already tried that too. It works until the next song is played.  Confused Because already played songs are not removed from the playlist. Sortby options also not work...

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InfoDialog current playing media in home?0
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