Solved variables for colordiffuse broken in Nexus 20.1?
Is anyone else seeing issues with the colordiffuse tag on their textures using a variable in Nexus 20.1?

All of a sudden this doesn't work:

<control type="image">
   <texture colordiffuse="$VAR[Home_Artwork_Diffuse]">texture</texture>

<variable name="Home_Artwork_Diffuse">

But this does:

<control type="image">
   <texture colordiffuse="ff808080">texture</texture>

Just wanted to check it's not just me before flagging it
Have you tried moving the colordiffuse out of the texture tag:-

<control type="image">
Hi @roidy same difference for me. Works if it's a hardcoded value, but breaks if its a variable, even if the variable has no conditionals in it. Is it working for you in 20.1? I've seen this behaviour in Windows and Android versions
@realcopacetic Just tested 20.1 under Windows and both:-

<texture colordiffuse="$VAR[mycolor]">texture.png</texture>

Work fine.

Tested using:-
Build 20.1 (20.1.0)
Git 20230312-289ec664e3
Compiled 2023-03-12
Thanks so sorry for wasting your time @roidy - I somehow managed to introduce a typo into an XML I wasn't actively editing just at the time I updated to 20.1. Apologies!
@realcopacetic No worries, typos always get me too  Big Grin Glad you fixed it.

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