RFC medialibraryscanpath
im trying to work with medialibraryscanpath in an addon but i cannot for the life of me find the documentation for it, only a couple of addons even use it including embycon

in an extension you can tell kodi that your addon is a library source with the following :

<extension point="xbmc.python.pluginsource" library="default.py">
    <provides>video audio</provides>
    <medialibraryscanpath content="movies">library/movies</medialibraryscanpath>
    <medialibraryscanpath content="tvshows">library/tvshows</medialibraryscanpath>

and then your addon can be treated as a library source and have it's content scanned into the library as if local files

when i try to use it, it works as expected but tmdb gets a key error 'title' so i want to know what information to output
i tried looking through embycon but there's quite a lot more going on in there and it's not the easiest source to read
still trying to figure this out, it kind of works but as soon as it starts to scan it just crashes kodi when using a new clean portable profile

(and really doesnt write anything to the log before it does so thats been interesting too)
i thought i had this hacked together working and then crashes ensue

so this request for comment still stands.

how exactly is this supposed to be implemented? whoever stuck it in the kodi code for it to be used surely knows how to implement it right?

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RFC medialibraryscanpath0
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