Req allow advanced boolean operations on playlist filters


Currently when creating a filter for a playlist, the boolean operation is "all or nothing" :
  • AND operation: all filters must return true
  • OR operation: it  is enough to have a single filter to return true


Would it be possible to add a way to have advanced boolean operations on filters ? I.e. being able to do something like: ("X equals A" OR "X equals B") AND Y is C -> combination of AND / OR with parentheses

Example usage

When creating playlists for filtering content based on language I realized that I sometimes content uses different ISO 639 macrolanguage flavours to set the metadata value for the language.
Sometimes they use three letters as in 639-2, 639-2/T or even 639-3... or even the two letter as in ISO 639-1...
The problem is that the language codes are not the same for these flavours, for instance french is fr, fre or fra...  (see for more information)
From my understanding, currently it is not possible to create filter rules where "language is "code1" OR "code2" while having a set of other rules which must all return "true"
As a result it is difficult to have a working filter.

Thank you in advance for considering this request,

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allow advanced boolean operations on playlist filters0
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