Question for Kodi PAPlayer / VideoPlayer developers
I am wondering... Kodi uses FFMPEG, right? Do you know of any argument for ffmpeg command line that would allow one to have it bistream Atmos format untouched? Kodi does it, after all.

Thinking about using that for foobar2000's ffmpeg decoder wrapper plugin. It decodes Dolby TrueHD but just the multichannel portion, sending 8 PCM channels to an AVR through HDMI. Can't find a way to have it output the untouched stream.

Currently the plugin executes this:

ffmpeg.exe" -i "INPUTFILE" -map 0:0 -f w64 -acodec pcm_f32le -
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you can map/copy a stream.

ffmpeg -i input.avi -map 0 -c copy output.mkv
will copy all input streams to output. 

add "-copy_unknown" if ffmpeg dont know a particular stream.
ffmpeg -i input.avi -map 0 -c copy -copy_unknown output.mkv
will copy all input streams to output even the ones ffmpeg cannot understand/parse.

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Question for Kodi PAPlayer / VideoPlayer developers0
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