New Forum Issues (April 2023)
(2023-04-27, 18:36)spinmaster Wrote: Could it be ...

Yes, some of the forum/database triggers are not working again as designed. Newly created threads after the forum revival are not getting views counted at this time. It's on the to-do list.
Am I the only one who cannot set a new password (from my Android phone in either Firefox or Chrome)? It just goes to the list of preference actions with the bit on top about all passwords being reset (mine apparently went to spam in Google Mail so I didn't realize it until nothing showed up on a password reset request).

For now, that random password is all I can use. I don't like storing passwords in email on case that got hacked, but until I can update/verify my home computer browsers I have no choice as I can't remember random passwords and I can't change it on my phone (Chrome mobile has no ad blockers, UIScript or NoScript plug-ins or anything installed as it doesn't allow them unlike Firefox mobile that I normally use that does allow privacy plug-ins so it's not that for the password reset issue. I haven't tried a desktop browser yet).
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@VonMagnum - if all else fails and it's acceptable for you, PM me the password you want set and I can change it for you in the forum admin panel.

Thus far you're the only one reporting issues with a password change, although there are others who seem to be having issues earlier in the process.
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I logged into the forum this morning and was very happy to see the alerts function working again to let me know there is a message in a thread I subscribed to.   I am sure that rebuilding the forum has been no small task.  Thank you for your hard work.

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Has anyone noticed a performance issue when 'Mark Read' is used after viewing New Messages?
It used to take less than a second, takes much longer now to return to forum home page.
It really is trivial but wanted to report it anyway.
-Been a user since 2015 eventhough my user profile does not reflect it.
Apologies if this has been reported already, but I noticed that the autocomplete for a user(name) is not available any longer when typing "@..." and then using the first letter of the user I want to tag. I found this often quite handy. Has this not been enabled yet?
Probably a low priority but I've noticed that the scroll to the top arrow button is nonfunctional.

And thanks for all the obvious hard work to revive the forum
(2023-05-01, 16:15)MiamiBlues Wrote: Has anyone noticed a performance issue when 'Mark Read' is used after viewing New Messages?

We've started with a clean/none MySQL settings setup, so I'm sure there can be some improvements. We're taking things easy in that regard.
(2023-04-27, 19:06)Klojum Wrote: It's on the to-do list.
Can i ask if this functionality can be brought back, i understand that it is not a priority, just to ask if sooner or later it will be possible to translate forum pages again via google translate?
(if this is also on the to-dos)

Thread:   #22

I thank you in advance.
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(2023-05-12, 09:43)Keith34 Wrote:
(2023-04-24, 16:54)MHSwizzleStick Wrote: When I click the user name dropdown in the upper right and select "View Today's Post", it correctly brings me to this page:

BUT from that page, clicking on any thread just brings me back to the same page instead of opening the thread.

Windows 10, Firefox 112.0.1 (64 bit)

Same thing happens on Microsoft Edge
It seems like there is an issue with the link redirection on the forum. This occurs on both Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers, where clicking on a thread from the "View Today's Posts" page redirects to the same page.
For what it's worth, I'm no longer seeing this issue in either Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
Since the forum update/rebuild I'm getting sporadic alerts for threads I've created when people reply in them. Sometimes I'll get an alert but more often I wont.

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