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Hi, is it possible to remove the icons on the left in the media menu? I am using an old 4:3 tv and the space for the names of the file is very small...
with mediastream skin I can do this
There is no skin option to do it. You would have to edit the xml file that controls that view (CommonViewTypes.xml).
I'm trying to edit "ListView" in CommonViewTypes.xml . I can modify correctly the list, but I can't find the code for the big icons on the left...
includes.xml. The include starts on line 108.
ok, it works Big Grin
last question:
I have created a new list ("list3"): I added it to the correct section (I.E. myvideo.xml), but the list is shown only if I choose an ID like 51,53 ecc., but if I choose 60 the list is not created.... why?
You can only use 50 - 59. those are the control numbers set aside for list views in XBMC.
Are you asking about the thumbnail on the left? There is an option under System --> Skin --> Media Views --> Hide Thumbs in List View

With that set the filenames don't get cropped and list view is more usable.
Oh nevermind, I though you were on media stream -.-
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