Question regarding rules and forum ettiquette.
Hello Mods and Moderators,
I have a question regarding rules of behaviour and courtesy. Now I would imagine, the reason for a forum is to discuss the world of Kodi, and its add ons and the like, to help others with problems and to discuss future developments for this great piece of software.
Now, If there is a developer out there who I ask a question of, and never recieve an answer, nor reply, nor even a go to hell, I find that to be rude behaviour and totally against the reason we are all here.
Now don't get me wrong here, I realise people are busy and don't have time to see to everything, also they may not have even been online for a long time, However, If I ask you a question, or make a comment to you regarding something, which is why the forum is here, I would expect some sort of answer.
If you don't know the answer, fine, say so, If you're not interested in the point, question, or enqiry, say so, say something. But If I ask a question of someone, I expect an answer. For a forum user to completley ignore a polite question or request is to my mind Rude and Boorish behaviour and should be frowned upon.
To say that If We were at a local bar having a beer, and I came up to you and asked you a simple polite question and you were to completley ignore me, you can be assured the story would not end there.
I don't mean to sound weird here, but I was wondering what are you're thoughts on this sort of behaviour.
Thanks for your time.
Im not sure why you would expect anything. if i dont want to engage with something, then i just wont. I dont owe anyone an explanation, and i dont believe anyone is entitled to anything.
On a forum where people choose to spend their personal time as they see fit, i dont expect anything from anyone else. Its nice when people do have the time, but its definitely not a requirement or an expectation from me of others.

You say its "one simple question", but how often does said simple question snowball into something large that takes up enough time that you really wish you just didnt engage to start with.

Just my 2 cents, take of it what you will.
Hi Fuzzard,
Fair Comment, and as I said, If the question you ask of a person, is something they are really not interested in, then thats fine, you are you're own person, do as you will. However, If I ask you a question specifically, and you don't answer, to me thats just plain rude behaviour. You tell me, If you were to go to a person and ask them a question, and they completley ignored you, what would be your response. Im sure you would take offense, and not just say, oh well and walk off. I'm certainly not saying the world must stop and answer my questions, not at all, but If I speak to a person, I expect to be answered, thats just common decency and civility. Civility costs nothing, and to answer someone who speaks to you is just basic politness. 
Thanks for your answer and thought.
Unfortunately insight into other's lives isn't something easily seen. Again, you might think you are asking a "simple" question, but if someone's life is otherwise occupied by more important (to them) things, spending time on a forum just may not be top of their priority. You are 1 person asking a question, but then 100, 1000, whatever other "simple" questions are also being asked of an individual. Often I personally just find it better to not engage. You can think of that as rude, but they are my priorities in my life.
Talking to someone in person and asking a question on an internet forum are worlds apart.

If it's this question - Random Feature for Channel Content - Anxdpanic then you probably wont get answer as anxdpanic hasn't been active here or on Slack for a very long time.

My advice is be patient and then move on.
In terms of forum rules and etiquette - we as moderators only deal with what is actually posted on this forum. If the content of a post fails to meet the standards of what we would expect then we deal with it. 

We are not here to enforce a certain level of participation and / or penalise those who choose not to answer questions here, whether they are developers or not. People are free to come and go as they please and participate in the community as much or as little as they choose. You may personally find it rude that someone has not answered you but that is something you would need to come to terms with yourself. You shouldn't expect anything from anybody in the end.

I understand that as a user you may find it frustrating that you may not get the answers you seek in a timely manner but you must remember that everyone here is volunteering their time. It is a hobby, not a a paid job, Kodi and its various plugins are free and those who create and maintain support threads for Kodi and its plugins are under no obligation to do so nor are they obliged to provide any sort of support. The short of it is, as a user, you have you pre-determined entitlement to support.

Of course the majority of developers who provide support threads on this forum are very helpful and regularly provide updates but life happens, sometimes they need a break and very often users will annoy them (often because a missed placed sense of entitlement leads them to expect expedited solutions to their problems) and devs find themselves needing to step away from the conversation.

Often you will find solutions present themselves since this is an open source community that shares ideas or the person you want to have a conversation will return to help after a much needed break. I guess patience is the key.
Always read the Wiki, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Read/follow the forum rules.
Interesting Points All, I thank all those who engaged.
I can quite understand the irritation, because there are many questions, some questions may be repeated. But I always feel sad when I see an unanswered question or a separate thread.
It certainly can be frustrating.
Yes, it can be...
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For me it's nothing like an in person interaction, if I were in a public place yes I may get someone speaking to me and of course the polite thing is to say something back. However for me this is far more like receiving a cold call on my house phone, if my house phone rings and I'm not expecting a call then I may just ignore it and let it go to voicemail, if a message is left then depending on who it is from then I may just ignore that as well and not return the call, as for me a call on my house phone from someone I don't know is more than likely to be an unwanted intrusion.
if this is treated as i believe it should be, a 'community' forum where users come together to share solutions for a common platform then i believe you will have a better outlook

as long as its treated as your own personal 'help desk' as if contacting a service provider (which pays employees for that function) then you will continue to feel slighted when you dont get an answer in the time frame you've deemed appropriate


i volunteer my time here towards the goal of it being a community but when i have other things going on this takes a backseat as i expect everyone else does

i happen to be in a position where i can multitask this forum with my normal daily work, not everyone can and even if working in an I.T. environment at a computer all day most companies would frown on using their time to answer questions on this forum

so i say be grateful for any help you receive
I think you all don't get what I meant, and I probably come off as some sort of clown here. Obviously that was not my intention. I am greatful for any help I get when asking questions. Thats why I am here on this forum, to learn. 
I am super happy when someone asks a question I can help with and give them an answer, unfortunatley those questions are few and far between. 
i think I'll just be quiet now rather than get myself into anymore trouble. Just note it was not my intention to anger anyone.
Cheers All

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