Two active players simultaneously
I have a application where I need to display a picture constantly, and when requested play a specific video.

To show the picture, I use a "Player.Open" command and it works perfectly.

When I want to play a video, I use another "Player.Open" and it also works perfectly.

My problem is the video plays behind the picture. I keeping seeing the static picture.

If I send a command "Player.GetActivePlayers", I receive these answer:


  "id": "1",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": [
      "playerid": 1,
      "playertype": "internal",
      "type": "video"
      "playerid": 2,
      "playertype": "internal",
      "type": "picture"

1 - Is there any command like "Player.Show/Hide Player ID"?

2 - I tried to Stop the playerid 2 (the picture), but it stop's the playerid 1 together - looks like a bug to me.

3 - If I play a video first and then play the picture, it stops the video player and keeps only the picture player. If the opposite would be the same, it would also be a solution. (Play the picture, and when play the video it stops the picture player - it doesn't happen)
While starting the picture you should have one playerID active. Is that correct? 

I'm not sure if you use a script or simply firing some commands. While using a script you could make sure that there's always only a single player active and stop the one before starting the other. 

Would that be a solution?

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Two active players simultaneously0
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