Youtube and Pandora issues while in Kodi
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I apologize ahead of time if this isn't allowed in this forum or I am in the wrong location to post this. I also want to make it known that I am no expert and excuse me if I ask some rookie or dumb questions. I have been using Lei 18.8 for some years and have not had and issues and mostly used it for Pandora and Youtube. I noticed a few weeks ago that when I went to YouTube, I got this error showing "content not available on this app", but it goes into the app and you can see icons but nothing no matter what will play. So I was thinking it was that API code and as hard as it was to get that working the first time, I went through the process twice and the same error came up. I then decided to upgrade to the 20.1 and once finished I deleted and reinstalled Youtube and still get the same error. At that point I noticed that my Pandora app says incompatible and was removed under 20.1 so at that point I only did this on once device and decided to come here for some assistance and guidance. Again I am not super expert programmer or coded but am able to handle simple instructions and work through most things, so any helpful information is appreciated in this matter.
regarding youtube 'content not available' messages, this is an ongoing issue with the addon, there was a fix applied to reduce how often this comes up -

there is also a lengthy open issue on github for that here -

im not personally familiar with anything further, only that it is a known existing issue


regarding the pandora 'app' i assume the addon needs to be updated for the current version of kodi, addons from 18.8 are not compatible due to python version deprecation but i have no real insight on this addon
Thanks for info
Just now saw this:  Yes, Youtube plugin isn't actively maintained for Leia, but in the youtube thread there are users providing informal updates.  For Kodi 20 I think best approach is to install 7.0.1 from official repo, then get a zip from master branch on github which as of now is 7.0.2~alpha7 and update 7.0.1.  AFAIK all your key dat in userdata/addon_data should still work, though you might want to page through all the settings and verify.

For pandora, I use pandoki 0.10.5 in Kodi 20, but I don't manage my pandora acct, just play my defined stations.
Get zip from
or install from rocky4546-0.2.4 repo

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Youtube and Pandora issues while in Kodi0
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