Solved SNES Connected Accessory Error
Weird place to ask for help on this but I'm running up against brick walls. Using the custom Retroplayer LibreElec images I've always had good luck with most ROMs. I've been lagging behind updating from Matrix to Nexus and recently took the plunge. As soon as I did the SNES game Tetris and Dr Mario will not run. I get this strange message about "the game is not designed for accessories attached". No other ROM does this and I only have a single USB controller connected. Some web searching explains this is an error specific to this game that happens when non-compatible accessories are plugged in (ie, SNES mouse or something). 

This is by far the game that gets the most use at our house. It worked in previous versions of Retroplayer just fine - and in fact works in other emulation systems. There is something about the devices presented in the Kodi implementation it doesn't like. Just wondering if anyone has run up against this or has any clues where I could look to remedy it. I've tried different SNES cores but no luck. It really seems to be a libRetro layer kind of thing. I can post a log if needed but no idea what I'd even be looking for in the log at this point.
Weird. I was able to reproduce. I was also able to "fix" the problem by disabling the Port Dialog that I added in Nexus. When the core loaded with its default port config, the game worked fine.

I'll do some digging and see if I can get the Port Dialog to mirror the default config that works. Worst case, I can add an option to disable the Port Dialog entirely, but only as a last resort.
Good news, I found the problem! . c/p error on my part. Fortunately only an issue in test builds, not in upstream.

Can you give my latest 2023-07-08 builds a try?

EDIT: Or even better, by 2023-07-09 builds (see changelog).
Will do! Thanks for taking a look at this, really appreciate it.
@robweber Did you ever confirm that it works?
Yes - sorry for the delay. I fired up one of the newer nightly builds today and everything worked great. Will be playing some Tetris tonight. Thanks a lot!
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