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Video playback & audio/video sync issues.
I have from time to time in the otlder version, and now as well in Beta 1 had a weird problem.
For a while video plays fine and in sync, then suddenly every video is out of sync by quite a lot and it seems to be drifting further apart as the video plays.
Only way I have found to fix it so far is to uninstall and remove the user data files and reinstall.

Log is up at if anyone fancy taking a look to see if they can spot if anything is really wrong.

Hardware is a Asus P5K with a Q6600 CPU, 2GB RAM and a Gforce 8600GT with HDMI.

Also I do have the same issue some others have reported where the video seems to play in small jumps, specialy noticable in sideways moving scenes. Anything in the log that could say anything about that?
HTPC: ZBOX-ID41 running OpenElec with Logitech Harmony remote.
NAS: Lian Li Cube, MSI P55-CD53, Intel I7-880, 16GB RAM, 23x 2TB WD drives @ RAID6, 500GB Samsung, Ubuntu Linux.
TV: Samsung UE75ES9005

Video playback & audio/video sync issues.00