Why my post was deleted?
I have posted and information about You Tube add-on crashing when trying to use "Preview" feature of an movie in Kodi:


The post has been deleted and all I see now is "The specified thread does not exist".

Not only I don't know / understand what was wrong with this post or why it was deleted. But, in addition, the reported issue is still not fixed.

Can some forum moderator explain me the above situation? Thank you.

I do want to have You Tube plugin fixed (can't fix it myself) and I can make another report, but I first must know what was wrong with the first one. To avoid wasting time and getting another report deleted as well.

Thank you.
Was it a duplicate of this post?

Yes, you are correct. I somehow cannot get used to how Kodi forum works.

In all other (hundreds!) of forums that I use day-by-day, people tend to have separate thread for separate issue. To be able to discuss one thing in separation of others, mark duplicates and close issues ASAP.

Here in Kodi, people tend to "merge everything to one single, very old and massively huge thread".

Discussing issue X, next to thousand (!) other issues in one single thread having right now 173 (!) pages is completely pointless and counter-productive as for me.

Finding anything in such huge "merge everything monster" is simply impossible.

Especially given the fact that users like me (with a very low number of posts) are limited to two search queries per each 15 minutes.
(2023-08-10, 14:44)trejder Wrote: Especially given the fact that users like me (with a very low number of posts) are limited to two search queries per each 15 minutes.

since this forum is indexed by google ...

OK, so let me put it this way...

My post was merged into an insanely large thread that has started 9 years ago (!), has 173 pages (!) and where people are discussing 20 different issues in the same time.

Since my question was merged, I was automatically enrolled into receiving notifications about new posts in that thread.

Since that "merge" I have received FOURTY (!) emails about new posts in that thread. NONE of these concerns my issue.

I am supposed to dig through dozens of notifications and dozens of dozens of dozens of posts, written by people talking about something completely different than I asked, because... long, long time ago some wise guy said: "Let's merge everything together". One gigantic thread for everything that has "YouTube" in title.

I am supposed to find an answer for my 2023 post among posts that dates back to 2016, 2018 and so on.

And the benefit of that is...?

If my post wouldn't be merged, I would receive a notification only, if somebody answered my post. What is so weird about that?

Some truly wise guy once said to me, if you don't know what to do, look like others does that.

Let's take a look at Stack Exchange. 200+ communities, 15 years in the Internet and the rule "one issue one thread" as a golden rule of the thumb.

Why Kodi community always want to be so different? Why everything here happens completely differently than in the rest of the world?

Just my curiosity. No offences.

BTW: I don't even tend to think how Kodi servers or infrastructure is wasted when it must generate e-mail notifications to thousands of people who ever ever enrolled to the thread that started nine years ago. All because hundreds of threads written between 2016 and 2023 was merged into that one single gigantic creature. It is insanely large waste of resources and people time.
This only tends to happen for support on addons so the addon dev only has one thread to monitor.
Plus given the number of posts we get per day here, if every issue for every addon (and every core issue) had its own thread, then by the end of the day your thread would probably be on page 3 or 4 of the forum section and almost no-one would read it.
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If you have one notification for multiple issues (because multiple issues are discussed within one thread) then you are also not going to read about each issue. Because you will simply loose a track of this.

I have risen an issue that YouTube plugin is not playing trailers in newest official Kodi (20.2). I did it in a separate thread. It was merged into one huge thread. Somebody answered that the solution is "somewhere there". I tried to search for it, but found nothing. Then my issues was "covered" by dozen of other posts talking about some favourites list issues. And isn't solved. And I believe, it will never be solved or answered.

Never mind, this discussion won't lead us to anywhere. You are not going to change your behaviour, I am not going to convince you that this isn't working.
We simply do what the addon devs find easiest. If the addon devs started to say they would prefer separate threads for each issue, then we'd probably change.

Perhaps for the more popular addons, there should be addon specific subforums like we have for skins.

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