v20 Problem with Music-Artist Art
Hello everyone,

Im having a very annoying problem with my music library. Especially how the artists are displayed. For some reason most of my artists are not displayed with their thumbnail. While the UniversalArtistScraper finds and downloads a lot of art, it just isnt displayed with two different causes that i dont know how to fix. (I also took the pictures using the Arctic Zephyr Reloaded skin, but the problem persists in Estuary as well.)
  1. Some artists get displayed with their thumbnail image, others with their poster. Here you can see The Cure and David Bowie both being displayed with an image, but Dire Straits is blank. Dire Straits does have a Thumbnail, but i need to set the poster for an image to appear. Neither The Cure nor Bowie have their poster set, for them its the thumbnail which matters.
  2. The files exist. The scraper downloaded a poster.jpg file and put it in the appropriate folder, so i can "just" go to set the poster and use the local artwork and its fine. Doing this for all artists is really annoying tho, especially if you forgot that querying all artists with your scraper would also remove all the posters again (definitely not me, totally didnt do that Angel )
(Also, everything i just described about thumbnails/posters applies to backdrops/fanart as well)In Arctic Zephyr the only view that actually uses the thumbnails is the "sqare light" view, "thumbnail" also uses the posters. In Estuary not a single view works.

So the way i see it, there are two solutions to my problem. Either i find a way to tell Kodi/my skin to use the thumbnails and backdrops, or i find a way to have kodi/my skin associate those poster.jpgs with the artists. So far i didnt get either to work, so i hope there is an easy solution that i just somehow missed.

Thx already in advance  Big Grin

Im using Kodi 20.2 sideloaded on a Firestick Lite, my artist information folder is on an SMB drive.
Update, ive now started with a clean slate. Ive reset everything and it still didnt work. I did however find out that going to your artist information and explicitly setting the poster to "no artwork" will get Kodi to use the thumbnail instead.

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Problem with Music-Artist Art0
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