Release viwX (live and VOD from ITVX)
ViwX is an add-on to browse the website of British broadcaster ITV and play live TV or video on-demand (VOD) streams. It's not completely new though. ViwX started life named 'itvhub' and has been discussed during it's development stages in this forum thread.

Latest version: 1.2.1

  • Watch the main ITV live channels.
  • Watch the themed 'Fast' channels.
  • All VOD offered by ITVX.
    Premium content is of course only available to user with a paid ITVX premium account.
  • Search
  • Full support for 'My List' - play items from My List. 
    Use the context menu of a programme to add to or remove from My List.
  • Continue watching across devices.
    Continue on viwX what you started on another device, or start a video on viwX and continue on another device.
  • Play from the start for programmes on the main live channels.
  • User specific recommendations by ITVX.
  • Option to hide premium content from listings.
  • Option to show Subtitles on VOD content, with the option to disable colourisation of subtitles.
  • Embedded subtitles on live streams.

To be able to watch ITVX you need to be in the UK and have an ITVX account - either a free account, or a paid premium account.
Checkout the add-on's settings to sign-in to your itvx account and set various options.

Only Kodi 19 (Matrix) and later are supported.

ViwX is available in the official Kodi addon repository. Installing from the kodi repo is the easiest the most secure way of installing this add-on, and is the only method that supports automatic updates. To install from the official Kodi repo, select Settings -> Addons -> Install from repository -> Kodi Add-on repository -> Video add-ons. Scroll down to viwX, select and install.

After installation open the add-on's settings to sign in to your ITVX account.

Alternatively, if you can't wait for a new version to appear in the Kodi repo, or just prefer to install manually, there's still this method of installing from zip file:
Go to for detailed instructions.

If you find any issue or irregularities, please first check if the issue is also present if you do the same on the itvX-website using a regular web browser. If it is not, please report it here and/or file an issue on github. Issues don't fix themselves, your feedback is important!
This add-on has come so far and with content now in 720 HD it looks good even on a big screen TV.

Are there any plans to put the add-on in the Kodi repository so everything is kept up-to-date? 

A big thank you for everything you have done. 👏👏👏
Nice to meet you here @chrissxuk

viwX has just been offered to the official repository.
New submissions can take while to get processed, so check the repo after a week or so.
I'll update the install instructions in the first post when it has been accepted.
I have used it and it works well, thanks.

Edit:  The detailed instructions link above is getting a 404 not found error
It should be:

Detailed instructions: here
Can't edit and can't link. The curse of the newbie.
It was missing the /en

While in the same area, I tried the BBC Sports Streams addon  Just curious as to why the login is the ITV Hub account User/Pass.  Has that something to do with Freeview?
Many thanks @barney63 and @Amonbofis. The link is corrected.
Quote:While in the same area, I tried the BBC Sports Streams addon  Just curious as to why the login is the ITV Hub account User/Pass.  Has that something to do with Freeview?
LOL, No that is just due to a quick copy/paste of viwx's language file to bbcsportstreams. Account details are not used at all and can be left blank. But thanks for notifying!
BTW: better to head over to this discussion section on github for questions and remarks on the bbcsportstream addon.
You should look at adding support for (and therefore IPTV Merge)
I was already aware of iptv manager.
I'll probably have a good look at it some day, but I must admit it's very low priority right now.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Good to be reminded again.
Hi, thanks for the great mod.
I'm having difficulties watching some of the Live channels, maybe you could advise?

I'm running Kodi 20.2 / Libreelec 11.03 on raspberry pi4. Some channels work, like ITV1/2/3/Be. Other's don't, like Rugby World Cup Classics, ITVX Kids - there is a pop-up with an error message:
Quote:Playback failed
One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.

So far I've tried signing-in/out and restarting the raspberry which had no effect. The problematic channels do work in a browser on a windows pc.

This is the debug log from your addon that shows me trying to launch ITVX Kids. Please let me know if you need any more information:
Thanks @Kudux.
For what it's worth; I just tried the rugby classics channel on matrix, android and that playes fine.

Please provide a full debug log(from a fresh Kodi boot to issue including all messages from everything) and I'll have look when I get home later today.
Thank you for the quick reply. I won't be in today, so I'll try to post the full kodi debug log in the next couple of days.
I just did a proper check, but I can't reproduce.

You did well @Kudux to check whether it plays using a regular web browser.
​​​​​​​The log you provided does not suggest a problem with add-on itself.
If your problem persists (or anyone else) please check if it is present on every FAST channel - the non-regular TV channels.
Also, enable component-specific logging in Settings > Logging and specify component libcURL before creating a new debug log.
Surprisingly, the problem has disappeard without me doing anything. I've been testing it the last two days morning and evening and did not encounter any issues with the ITX Kids or Rugby. I will submit a proper log should it re-appear. Thank you for your time, nonetheless.

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