Play 3D file Left/Right Frames sequentially for 2D TV using Bluetooth Active Glasses
I am new in this Form, but unfortunately was unable to find the answers for the following question:

Is it possible to playback a 3D HSBS video file to output each Left and Right frames to HDMI output for a 2D TV sequentially and to synchronize active shutter RF glasses via Bluetooth?
The TV is 4K 75” Sharp Aqueous HDR with direct lit IPS LCD and 120 Hz refresh rate. P/N: LC-75N8003U.
A 3 years old Windoows 11 laptop with HDMI output and Bluetooth on AMD platform.
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The TV would be the controller for glasses synchronization and how that works would be dependent on TV output (likely proprietary glasses?). Kodi 3D software would be acclimatized to 60 hz refresh, but it's possible that 120 as a multiple of 60 be do-able. I don't have that set-up so your experience will be unique, but there is some concern with a laptop gfx engine, 3D functionality hasn't been a priority for a while.
Dear PatK,

Thank you very much for your prompt response!
In my case this gorgeous 4K Sharp Aqueous 75” LCD, P/N: LC-75N8003U is only a 2D Android TV with HDMI 2.0a inputs and 120Hz refresh. It has no output to control any type of active shutter glasses. It has no circuitry for decoding 3D frames signalling and no outputs to control shutter glasses by default.
What I was hoping for is to find how KODI can be configured to feed LEFT/RIGHT frames of 3D video through the HDMI in a sequential manner, so the TV would only just need to display them. At the same time KODI would be responsible for generating the frame synchronization for left/right using a Bluetooth RF channel for a variety of popular active shutter glasses. Several Bluetooth compatible RF glasses became available due to a significant popularity of 3D video in China. One example from Amazon is
I hope you could direct me to someone in KODI specific 3D processing specialists, who might have already implemented or allowed such a particular configuration. I would suspect that this 3D popularity would not be possible without KODI clear dominance on the market.
Gratefully yours.
Kodi is just software and relies on your hardware infrastructure, gfx driver and other output devices that have the capabilities you are looking for. At one point I entertained a Red/Green (or was it Red/blue) 3D video which was less than enjoyable. I recall there was options for SDS or Top & Bottom options but the negative was that at 60 cycles, only 30 per eye which ran into flicker issues. Although 3D development hasn't been abandoned, it's not yet a priority issue and apparently still works with the few that have the equipment, without huge effort of creating specific drivers, multi-tasking software I have my doubts your request will be fulfilled. But this is certainly something that the 'feature request' threads are used for, should their be enough interest one day. (if you agree, I'll move this thread to that location).

Creatively, I thought bringing 3D to flat panels was more than doable, especially for 120fps displays but given the industry and lack of content, there is a lot of hurdles.
What you linked are replacement glasses for TVs that have 3D functions. They're only suitable for that.
Stand alone glasses don't exist as far as I know because getting the timing right between the screen and the glasses shutters is difficult, if not impossible without hardware sync implemented in those 3D TVs or using the graphics card like the nVidia glasses (forgot the commercial name).
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Play 3D file Left/Right Frames sequentially for 2D TV using Bluetooth Active Glasses0
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