Getting my addon to play video on top
Hello all,

My SportsView addon is almost working. There will obviously be a period if shining it up after this. But this is my last major task for now. I can't seem to get the video to play on top of the current page. The video does play on top of the initial page of the addon but that's a few pages behind the one I'm launching it from. When I back out the 2 pages from the page I'm playing the video from, the video is there playing away. I think the issue may have something to do with the parent window. Honestly, I have no idea though. 

This is my first time using Github just started this repo. Hopefully, you're able to access this and it makes sense.

To test, I recommend creating this path on your computer with a random video file **\SPORTS\Rugby\Australian National Rugby League\2023\NRL  - 2023 - Round 23 - Rabbitohs vs Sharks 1080p.mp4 ... After that the SPORTS folder will have to be set in the addon's settings.
I should probably specify that the file that the videos are being launched from is the at the very bottom of the code. The addon pages go: landingpage -> MYsports -> myleagues -> mymatches.
Sorry to anyone who tried to look at the git in the last little while. I had to take it down to remove my api keys. I've added a place in the addon's settings to add your sportsDb api key.
Issue is solved. I was using WindowXMLDialog to for a my new pages. This creates them as a part of the parent class. The correct code is just WindowXML. This activates a new window. Meaning the video plays on that window.

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Getting my addon to play video on top0
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