Android Sony A95L (new Mediatek Pentonic 1000 chipset)
Wanted to start a thread on some of the issues I have noticed with the new Sony A95L which is one of the first TV's that utilize the new Mediatek Pentonic 1000 chipset.

When doing a library update there seemed to be a leak of some sort because after that any HDR content would have frame drops even in youtube or youtube TV until I would force close the kodi application.

Also when looking at the system information in Kodi it would show crazy numbers on the memory used etc, so I am guessing there are some issues with Kodi properly detecting the hardware on this new chipset.
Nevermind it seems this never works on smart TV's and is why everyone uses external players such as Nvidia Shield.

Sucks we have to do this in the year 2023 but whatever.
fact is tv manufacturers really only add android/webos to boost sales because they think that's what users want - no more thought into it than making a decision on a silver vs black bezel

once you buy the tv the sale is done and even if the feature is only mildly usable it's out of their warehouses so who cares

while people who are making streaming boxes have only the streaming device to market and so if it has 1 job it really needs to be good

discounting low end manufacturers who just make "good enough" devices for the marketing perspective that tv makers have
Given you didn't provide the necessary logs showing versions, plugins, errors etc not much can be done to help you but this might apply
Honestly after finding out that DTS-HD and TrueHD will never work on native apps I have decided to just give up on this effort and go back to the shield and utilize pass through.
It works on a 2 years old tcl TV no problem. Fast enough and only thing which is missing is true-hd sound source. DTS:X also works like a harm so say thank you to sony 😜
I rather watch on build in system with kodi app than coreelec. Most released sources are only from streaming services with atmos applied to dd+ and it works like it should.
This would be the first case of this happening if true. Care to post proof?

I would love to be proven wrong but everywhere I look this isn't possible on native TV apps

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Sony A95L (new Mediatek Pentonic 1000 chipset)0
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