Does anyone know an addon for TV that works with Catchup?
Hi all,

Am trying to get Catchup working but I can't seem to get it working.

I have multiple Video Addons that I incorporate into the EPG with the IPTV Merge addon.

This gives me a LOT of channels in the TV section of Kodi.

I have enabled Catchup in the IPTV Simple Client addon with the following settings:

Enable catchup = On
- Query format screen = (blank)
- Catchup windows = 5 days
Channels support catchup using mode = Default
- Include channels = with and without catchup mode (all channels)
Catchup correction = 0.0 hours

Watch From EPG:
Play from EPG in Live mode (using timeshift) = On
- Buffer before program start = 5 min (setting greyed out)
- Buffer after program end = 15 min (setting greyed out)
Catchup only available on finished programmes = Off

When I pick random channels from the EPG, I do not get Play Programme buttons (like I believe I should get) and once in the telecast I cannot rewind, forward or restart the programme at the beginning of the telecast. I tried a lot of the channels and from all of my Video Addons.

I am asking if anyone has a Video Addon that definitely works with Catchup so I can test my setup and confirm that Catchup is working on my setup and that the problem is that none of my Video Addon's channels do not support catchup, hence why it is not working.

I do not have any cable subscriptions so I need an addon that provides free TV Channels.


I used it a year ago , my two findings :
1, used this catchup string: &utc={utc}&lutc={lutc}
2. Only worked from channel epg ( not timeline epg )

Dont know current status , sorry
Hello Jönke,

Thanks very much for your reply.

Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply but I have been snowed under and only just got a chance to look at this problem again.

I will go into detail about my findings in case others can benefit from this thread.

@ Jönke: Your first suggestion was:
Quote:1, used this catchup string: &utc={utc}&lutc={lutc}

I had the following setting blank in my catchup configuration:

- Query format screen = (blank)

I then changed the setting so it read:

- Query format screen = &utc={utc}&lutc={lutc}

Once I made that change what I found was that every program in the EPG had a green dot in it and selecting any program gave me an extra button in the first screen called "Play Programme".

So it seems that the Query format screen in the Catchup configuration cannot be blank and your suggestion made the difference.

However none of the programs were starting at the beginning of the telecast so next I looked at the following setting in my catchup configuration:

- Include channels = with and without catchup mode (all channels)

I changed this setting to:

- Include channels = with catchup mode

Now when I looked at the guide the only channel that had the green dot (which provided the "Play Programme" button was Red Bull TV (which is one of my addons).

Selecting any program, past or current in the Red Bull TV channel gave me the Play Programme button however selecting it would not commence the telecast but gave an error.

It seems that for my addons, Red Bull TV is the only channel that supports Catchup, but maybe I need a different parameter for the - Query format screen = &utc={utc}&lutc={lutc} setting or Red Bull TV doesn't properly support Catchup.

@ Jönke: Regarding your second suggestion:
Quote:2. Only worked from channel epg ( not timeline epg )

I don't understand what you mean by thisHuhHuh

If you mean you select the channel instead of the guide and select a program from there then again I am getting an error. I tested this with Red Bull TV as that was the only channel that supported Catchup.


Dont know if channel epg is the right term , but let me explain:

Play a channel open guide with only epg for that playing channel . Now go back and play past event from context meny .

Was not working when did go trough timeline epg , (the guide where you se all channels epg)
Hello Jönke,

OK, I did that but get the same error.

Seems to be I need a different string for the Query format screen setting.



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Does anyone know an addon for TV that works with Catchup?0
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