v21 pkscout's Estuary Mod
This is a very light modification to Estuary that provides the following:
  • ability to reorder and turn off home screen left menu items
  • ability to reorder and deactivate sub-menu widgets
  • option to use small icons for the categories
  • option to have the video progress bar at the bottom of the screen instead of the top
  • ability to change the action of most of the main menu items (to one of a preset group of choices based on the menu item)
  • two new TV Show widgets called Unwatched/In Progress Shows and Random TV Shows (they are both off by default)
  • "new" TV area widget that is really just the old Next/Now Recording widget from Matrix
  • option to change the color diffusion of background art (from 0 - 100%)
  • option to show the artist bio on the music visualization info screen
  • option to have the music visualization screen keep images in whatever aspect ratio they have when downloaded
  • option to use Roboto Condensed or Roboto Flex fonts

To use this you need to install my skin repo (you need the new version for the Omega updates to this skin) then install the Estuary skin mod.  

I keep this mod pretty much up to date with the standard version of Estuary, so if you run into an issue, please see if you're seeing the same thing in the standard version of Estuary.  If you are, then the problem is Estuary, not the mod.  If you only see the issue in the mod, post something here.

Starting with Omega, this skin mod is just named skin.estuary.pkscout.mod.  I've also updated the repo to serve the right version of the skin based on the version of Kodi you are using.  This should make updating the skin as Kodi versions change easier.  As a hint, when you install this one, you can copy userdata/addon_data/skin.estuary.nexus.pkscout.mod/settings.xml to userdata/addon_data/skin.estuary.pkscout.mod/settings.xml.  That way you don't have to set the entire skin up again.  Again, you shouldn't ever need to do that again since the skin name isn't going to change anymore.

Here are  the source files in case anyone wants to look at them:

I don't have a good way to test the new skin repo install, but it looks like it should be working.  Please let me know if you can't get the new Omega updated version from the new repo.
Thanks for the update!  If we're still on Nexus, can we go ahead and install this new version now, or should we wait?
(2023-11-05, 17:26)Tarkus_ Wrote: Thanks for the update!  If we're still on Nexus, can we go ahead and install this new version now, or should we wait?
You should wait until you move to Omega.  In fact, if I did the repo right, you won't see this version at all as an option for Nexus.  There are some changes to Estuary that are Omega only, and there is a new way to do alternate fonts that only works in Omega.  In addition, the GUI dependency is going to get a bump (I think with the next Omega beta), so this will fail to install or run on Nexus at all once that happens.  Given all that, this version of the skin is for Omega and later.
(2023-11-05, 18:36)pkscout Wrote: In addition, the GUI dependency is going to get a bump (I think with the next Omega beta)

This has already been done with the nightlies.
(2023-11-05, 20:37)_BJ1 Wrote:
(2023-11-05, 18:36)pkscout Wrote: In addition, the GUI dependency is going to get a bump (I think with the next Omega beta)

This has already been done with the nightlies.
That means this skin won't work with any nightly after beta 1.  I will bump the GUI requirement when the next beta releases, at which point it will only work with beta2 and later.
The skin mod has been bumped to 21.0.1 and includes all the changes in the version of Estuary included in Kodi 21b2.  Note that there was a GUI dependency bump from Kodi 21b1 to Kodi 21b2, so you must be using Kodi 21b2 for this skin update to work.  If you are still on 21b1 and the skin auto updates, it won't work anymore.  You'll need to update to 21b2.  If you upgrade to 21b2 first, the old version of the skin won't work and you'll be switched back to the standard Estuary.  Update the skin, then you'll be able to switch back.
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Hi pkscout,
happy new year! now I am running 21b2 with latest estuary mod.

Your skin mod brings the estuary to a new level, thank you.

But allways small things make it better.
- very nice to modify recent/unseen/seen .... but:
- in recent/new_added and so on you display the date/playtime/codec/resolution/aspect-ratio/.... of some movies.           Still missing: the TITLE of the video (like it is done with music)
- in moviesets only the info this_is_a_movieset/count_unseen/count_seen is displayed                                                      Still missing: the TITLE of the movieset (same position as with movies-infos plus title?)
- in moviesets now the movieset is "opened", using the category movieset the movieset overview (contained movies, movieset-title,...) is displayed - could this be additionally configurable? (main menu actions-> action when selecting movieset on main menu)
- what is the sort order of this
- some history of recend opened locations? 
- give hint (and possibly information) about what is in favourites (is it music: artist, year, playtime, ...) (is it moviset: count_unseen/count_seen [TITLE is displayed!]) (is it movie: premiered, playtime, codec, ...)

This is just my personal feedback, it is not even a whishlist, but might trigger some ideas for enhancments.

If anything is unclear please ask!
two screenshot to clarify my ideas:
movieset with TITLE (and OVERVIEW if exists)
movie with TITLE (and TAGLINE if exists)

Image    Image

thank you and
The intent of this mod was to keep it as close to stock Estuary as possible and just add the ability to reorder the main menu and widget items.  I understand the suggestions you've made, but I don't want to deviate that much from stock Estuary.  There is a pinned thread for Estuary suggestions at the top of this subforum, I'd suggest you make your feature request there.
Please be aware that Kodi 21b3 has been released (although it's still making its way to the download pages on the Kodi web site).  This version has a bunch of changes related to the new Video Versions feature, including a number of skin changes to Estuary.  I don't know if those changes are backward compatible to Kodi 21b2, so I am going to wait until Saturday to push an update to my skin repo.  Until you upgrade to 21b3, I would encourage you to turn off auto updates on this skin mod.  Once you do the upgrade to 21b3, you can do a manual update and then turn auto updates back on.  If you get 21b3 today or tomorrow and want the skin updates immediately, you can get a zip of it from:


And the manually install from zip.

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