Short Duration Media
There used to be an option in tweaks to hide short videos. However I want to play media down to about 20 seconds.
I have tried adding these short clips into playlists from youtube or dailymotion, but they dont show up.
Anyone know where this tweak in hidden now?
Im not sure if thats possible without causing stability problems. Id like to too to have bumpers under 10 seconds in playlists. I'd just have to wait til the update comes whenever it arrives I guess
Thanks Xoxez,
Yep, I've heard this about stability. I was just hoping there was a figure, somewhere in a config file somewhere I could change, and see how far I could move it before PTVL broke down. A bit of trial and error.
I had a bit of a hunt around in the config files but couldn't find anything. As I  said, in the older versions there was a Tweaks Page in the config menu that said, Hide Short Videos, then had a time number next to it which was set at 240 from memory, Guessing that to be four minutes.
It doesn't matter which way I try this, Just can't get the commercials/bumpers, to work. 
There is various ways this could work, the time limit is the first hurdle. I have made a couple of You Tube Playlists with Bumpers, Commercials, Trailers etc, all can be added to the PTVL playlists, but they don't show, due to their short duration. 
Interestingly enough there are a few people who are interested in this idea.
I have also requested another Media Type in addition to Movies, TV and MTV. Using the Filename only Scraper, it could be possible to make a directory full of miscellaneous stuff, scrape to the library and insert them into smart playlists.
At this point I guess it would work under the "Movie" banner, but who wants a heap of tiny files mixed in with their movie library? Anyway, then the files would be available, but then, would PTVL play them being so short?
At least at this point the trailers commercials etc, would work in the "Pre Show Experience" add on. But ultimatley I want that in a channel, which I have setup now, but it only adds the items in the playlist that are over 2 minutes, and even that is hit and miss at the moment, but it's getting there.

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