Add a USB drive on LG WebOS
Hello! I love Kodi, so it was the first app I added as soon as I saw it on WebOS Dev Manager.

However... I can't seem to figure out how to add Movies from the USB plugged into the TV. Is there a permission I need to enable for Kodi, or something?

I'm going through all the folders in the Root filesystem (nothing in /mnt or /media) and can't find the files. If I use WebOS' own file explorer, I see the files there.

Any hints? TIA!
usb has to be loading into the kodi jail, you have to do a full restart of the tv best to do it from the homebrew store (settings). once tv is restarted in kodi browser for /tmp/usb/sda/sda2
Can you elaborate in detail how to enable write access on usb. I cant open or write in USB
Did you get the USB access or should I elaborate in detail ?
Please do, I installed kodi on webos tv through pc. When I open the app i cannot find the usb in videos/files
Just gave Kodi 21 omega on LG C2 webos an install, plugged in usb drive and also no detection.

I did however read reapers instructions and comment above, so I ran Web os dev on my PC connected to same wifi network as my LG C2 is and installed homebrew and kodi from the app list on web os dev app.

Rebooted LG C2 TV, ran Kodi and then followed his directory path so click: 

Enter files section (under movies tab), Add videos button, Browse, Root file system, temp folder, USB folder, sda, sda 1 and then clicked ok and then ok again to add that sda1 folder to the kodi list of folders
it now sees all my video files fine and plays it.

Sadly Kodi 21 omega on LG C2 plays audio out of sync so while its an amazing (thanks to all involved in project) can't sadly watch any video file if its out of sync, will stick with the humble out of date Nvidia Shield.

I do look forward to if it ever gets fixed, since Id love to sell off the Nvidia Shield due to countless wires and power usage, Webos Kodi looks excellent directly off the LG C2 otherwise.
thanks for the correct path!
Sadly video and sound don't sync Sad
Hi everyone. I just installed Kodi from WebOS Dev Manager and I'm trying to follow reapers123 steps but I don't know the meaning of 'usb has to be loading into the kodi jail'. However, I'm trying to restart from Homebrew Channel but there is a message at the bottom of the screen that says 'Rebooting...' but nothing happens after several minutes.

Could someone be more specific on how to do this step by step to be able to connect a hard disk? Sorry, I am asking this because English is not my first language.
Thanks in advance.
same as you,next time still cant find usb disk.
This worked perfectly for me
I have LG OLED CS9, software Webos 13.30.56 and KODI version 21.0.0
I just connected the flash to the TV and in the video player section, I could find the videos inside tmp/usb/sda/sda1  Laugh
I was looking for this for a year and finally my Kodi can play from my usb!
I managed to connect it only once before reactivating this post, but the next time I turned on the TV and Kodi did not detect it in the folder you indicate.
It sounds stupid, but it's as simple as having the hard disk connected when you turn on the TV  Confused

If you do it the other way around, i.e. turn on the TV, turn on kodi and plug in the hard drive, it won't recognise it.

As someone else pointed out in this thread, the path to add the videos in kodi is tmp/usb/sda/sda1.
I don’t think this is a people error, it’s not supposed to be a damn process..

If you are using the normal developer mode and account from LG, than it works like everybody is saying, but if you have rooted your LG, than it won’t work as mentioned all the time, there is a cert. problem with mounting external usb for reading and writing, that’s why it isn’t working. You can test it by going into the folder of the usb as mentioned above and when you remove your usb stick, see if the folder after /tmp/usb/ disappears…

If it does , that’s an indication it does detect your usb device but can’t read it.

There is a fix for it, but requires ssh commands in the cert.

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