Delaying playback to allow downstream audio processors time to switch

It's been quite some time Smile 

15 years ago I was helping with this project, oh blimey did it spawn a life for me Smile, After running Pulse-Eight for 15 years I've now finally been able to build my home cinema and its a bit of a beast. However its thrown up some interesting problems at this level.

I've paired a windows Kodi PC with a Trinnov Altitude 32 for bitstream audio playback, which is basically a very powerful 36 channel audio processor that can do object mapping for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X etc, however like most appliances at this level its got a significant delay in spooling up as it has to first read the initial audio packets to determine the codec then initialise the FPGA with the right codec, while this happens it starts to buffer overflow and then underflow before stabilising. 

This isn't Kodi's problem. I know that. However generally speaking it's a problem that all of the appliances at this level (and probably a tier down) suffer from. The way you can combat this is if the playback initially starts with a 3-4 seconds of black and 'empty' audio in the correct format.

I haven't found (and admittedly I haven't dug too deeply into the code yet) to A) determine if it exists already or B) is possible to implement, whereby when a movie/show/whatever is played, that it effectively takes the first frame of video and plays that out and dynamically builds and plays out silent audio but in the correct codec format for a 'to be defined' period to allow the pro processor time to boot correctly before starting normal playback. 

This can also have the added benefit of giving time for the projector to digitally adjust its lense into the correct aspect ratio also before playback starts in earnest.

Does anyone have any knowledge already in this area and would like to share and/or collab on this?


Malard - HDMI-CEC products for Kodi

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Delaying playback to allow downstream audio processors time to switch0
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