tvOS Installing Kodi TvOS 20.5.ipa trough Trollstore 2
I have an AppleTV 4k 3rd Gen with TvOS 16.6 and i've installed on it Trollstore 2 via Misaka 5.3. I want to permanently sign Kodi 20.5 for TvOS (.ipa file that i compiled from original deb file from Kodi site) but when i want to install it, it give's me error 175. Any chances to make Kodi for TvOS compatible with Trollstore 2 installation? Or if There is any workaround, anything...
Thank you
I dont think that is possible at the moment.
Last time I checked v18.9 is the "latest" that could be perm signed.
There  is version:
(2024-03-31, 17:59)ghgdd1 Wrote: There  is version:

I've allowed the post, however I'd advise caution using a download from a new forum member.
@jjd-uk thanks for releasing the link, also Trollstore 2 supports Kodi 20.5 finally for iOS/ipad0S version:
Tested with iPadOS 16.3.1b(thx to swaggyP3600)
Not a good name if you ask me 😬
Sweet! Smile  The tvOS ipa works perfect!
Thank you!
Kodi stable 21.0 is there (big thx to swaggy P3600)
Im having the same issue (On tvOS) - tried installing Kodi 21 using the guide on the kodi website and it works just fine. However when I use that same iPA through Trollstore it throws error 175. Was wondering if anyone had a fixed Kodi 21 iPA for tvOS. Thank you!

thanks for posting the links.

Have you tried this with tvOS 17.5.1? I just successfully Jailbroke it with Pailra1n and installed Trollstore. Since I never used Trollstore before, I dont know anything about it. How can I stall App from my PC on my AppleTV?

Also will it need to be re-installed every 7 days?
(2024-04-07, 10:04)ghgdd1 Wrote: Kodi stable 21.0 is there (big thx to swaggy P3600)

Can you check my question above? Sry I didnt quote correctly the first time. Smile

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Installing Kodi TvOS 20.5.ipa trough Trollstore 20
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