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Thanks for looking at these problems. No continuous play has been spotted, thanks for that. Kodi does the EPG, so I will contact them, Thank You.

As for the build time and the loss of content, wow, Only me. How, I did a full clean build of Kodi, and then installed PTVL, I did not realise I had changed the Pagination to 50 while setting up, but it is not like that at the moment.
The only things I can think of is the Skin Change, As I use Aeon Nox Silvo for its use of Fan Art, and more importantly, I am using the original Playlists, and PTVL channels, Copying the backup folder over to Recover the channels.

So, Once again, I will do a complete rebuild of Kodi and PTVL, A complete fresh build from scratch with no changes at all and see if that's why I have build problems.
Again last night, I tried v0.5.0. With 80 Channels, 75% of which are YouTube, Over 90 minutes to Build, then of course it started updating again, and with the Channel guide jumping here to there, impossible to use.
I switched back to 0.4.9p this morning, which did the original channel build in about 30mins, but then updating again and jumping channels..... The system is unusable.

So, Off for a complete rebuild, I'll let you know. 

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