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Whenever I want to change my fanart for a tv-show that was scraped using the tvdb-scraper, I notice that I can only choose from fanart scraped at the time I added the show. For instance, there's some new heroes-fanart available at thetvdb.com, however, unless I totally refresh that tv-show, I cannot get the latest (or newest) fanart. But if I do that, my watched/unwatched marks are gone, and it just takes too much time. Just to get some new fanart.

Maybe it's just me though, I'm on a 1.1 xbox using a pimped build of 08-13. But I cant imagine that would be the problem, since fanart for tv-shows has been around for a while. any thoughts on this? thanks.
Team XBMC only supports t3ch builds. Please install the most recent version available from this group. Google is your friend.
So you're saying you dont have the issue I adressed? If so, I'm switching to t3ch.
You have to refresh the show to get the new fanart.
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Okay, thanks. Would be nice if you could only update fanart though. Maybe it could be looked into.
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