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'Pleast Wait' appears oddly
Hi guys,

I've posted about this before as a bug but now i don't think so. I've got two boxes, one's connected to a normal crt tv. The other's connected to a LCD tv. On the CRT, the please wait popup when moving between frames appears to be scrolling over itself vertically like some bad animated gif. I presumed it was a mediastream bug (sorry) but now that i've seen it work fine as a static 'please wait' on the LCD setup it must be something to do with the tv type. I'm wondering if there's anything i can do in the video output settings of the CRT-connected box.

Would like to hear if anyone's come across this too and found a solution.
just me, shoot
turns out it was overscan. i guess lcd tvs do not have this problem.

'Pleast Wait' appears oddly00