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smaller left bar?
I found the left black vertical bar where it has watch TV, watch movies etc..
to be fairly large,

is there a way I can change it say to takes up 20 or 30% less space?

from this --> |
to this -> |

The issue with resizing the width of that panel is that it will have a knock on effect with regards foreign language titles as some take up more character space. Our aim being to make the skin as universal as possible as we know there are a lot of foreign language users of XBMC out there.

I'm not asking for a change in default skins but maybe some pointers on how I can change it myself. Smile
I doubt there's a simple one line answer to your question as the blade gets used in a few places (and animations) so you'll need to look at home.xml, includes.xml, includesdims.xml ands possibly some of the settings xml files too

smaller left bar?51