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I can't find any documentation as to why this function wouldn't be working when added to advancedsettings.xml..

Is this a known bug because there's no indication in the wiki that it's broken.

I probably should add a bit more info:

My advancedsettings.xml:

This file DOES work (screenshots get saved in R:\Tmp, updates are done in the background, etc.)..

I can't figure out why I don't see any remote codes on my screen.
It does not function on anything other than the xbox.
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So how would one get access to other functions of some MCE remotes (for example, the red/green/yellow/blue buttons aren't giving out the same codes in the Debug Client of IRSS)

Obviously, I can't add <red></red> items in IRSSmap.xml since it won't find them, but I'm not quite sure how to go about adding new functions.
they are named different but 99% of the buttons on the MCE can be mapped.

I think CLEAR and TELETEXT can not be mapped because there are too few mappable buttons for a remote on general.
check out the xml files that are supplied in the "How to use MCE remote under XP with XBMC" sticky thread... they should help
That's the problem.. there aren't enough built-in XBMC functions to map all these remote codes too.

I would need these:

and probably a few others that I can't think of right now. What it looks like I'll have to do is nuke the IRSSmap.xml, use Translator that comes with IRSS to map the remote button codes to the equivalent XBMC keymap.xml keystrokes. This way, I'll have access to ALL buttons on my remote, bypassing the built in limitations of XBMC.