TVDB are updating their site. Their site currently has a number of bugs that have broken the TVDB scraper and any add-on that relies on TVDB data. TVDB are working to rectify the problems.

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Library update is REALLY slow!
17:09:59 M: 40742912 DEBUG: VIDEO::CVideoInfoScanner:Tonguerocess - Starting scan

17:10:17 M: 36761600 NOTICE: My Videos: Scanning for video info using worker thread, operation took 00:19

if 19 seconds isn't an acceptable time to hash your entire movie directory and 6 shows, you need to stop using 8 year old hw. in any case, that time is completely dominated by the time it takes to list the directories so even running on more up to date hw would probably see about exactly the same time i'd suspect.
I am not bothered about the time its fine for me i just seen the post asking for a debug log so thought i would just post one it usually only takes 14 seconds or just over but i am downloading the now so that may be a factor.

I did have a problem with it taking over an hour and not scanning in all my films but i changes my hdd and started from scratch and now everything works super fast and everything is added to the library.
aha, slight misunderstanding..

i want a log of somebody claiming there is a bug about. as i said, we cannot do anything about the work we have to do. we have to list the dirs, we have to do the db inserts etc. the only thing we can do anything about is things being scanned when they are not supposed to, and/or actual bugs such as fetching a single directory taking alot of time.
I've been having the same problem with the slow library updates. Typically it takes 20-45 minutes for a library update, when I may only have 0-2 new TV shows added to the library.

This morning I updated to the latest t3ch svn (12/07/08) from the Atlantis 8.10 build in Nov. I also updated to the latest Mediastream skin (1.0) from 0.97.

After updating, I started debug logger:
- Went to TV library and tried playing Without a Trace S03E07
- it wouldn't play
- went to Videos section and played same file, where it played fine
- I hit stop after a few seconds and turned off the debug logger
(this was recorded because of another problem I'm having, posted separately, but it's in the logs I'm posting, so I'm mentioning it)

Then I Updated video library
- took about 25 minutes
Cleaned library
- took about 10 seconds

Restarted xbox
- Started debug logger
- Updated video library
- took about 10 minutes - this is on the short end of what it typically takes, but still seems long because there were no changes to the library following the previous scrape.

My two logs are posted here:
First video library update (not a debug log, except for the part about the misplaying video):

Debug log of second library update which took 10 minutes, and zero changes.

I'll also note that the xbox often seems to hang during an update. It doesn't get locked up, but it will stop working. Usually if I use the controller to switch screens or otherwise 'wake up' the system, it starts updating the library more quickly again. I did this during the second update above when it hung on the 'CSI' folder.
Looks like we found my problem...
The Mediastream skin was eating up all of my xbox's memory, which was somehow impacting my library updates.
I switched to the PMIII skin and my library now updates in seconds.

I'll have to wait for the new mac mini I'm waiting to get before I switch to a newer skin, I guess.
That damn MediaStream skin on Xbox did it again :-S
-= Team Kodi developer fueled by heavy metal =-
I have tried everything. I changed back to the original PM3 skin (was using the HD), turned off Automatic Fanart\Actors, cleaned the library... nothing!

Now, I do have a big library, but it was never that slow before.

Here's my log (with most of the boring bits cut out) for you to see.

The Movies section (about 650 of them) takes about 1 min.

The TV Shows section takes 9-10 secs per show and I have 126 different shows. At that rate, an update (with no changes) will take 22 minutes!

Log file:
Possibly the revert of one of the SMB patches could fix this problem. If you're able to compile you could test whether the latest SVN version fixes your problem.
-= Team Kodi developer fueled by heavy metal =-
looking at the log it does not look like the directory fetching is the slow part, but rather the hashing. i wonder if the change to run all expressions on all entries is bringing the xbox to a crawl. however, looking a bit closer at the code kills that possibility as well - we do hash the raw listing :/
So where to now? Do i just keep updating manually for each show? I only upgraded because the scrapers were changed. Maybe I should just downgrade and bring the new scraper info across!?
Did you try the latest SVN build?
-= Team Kodi developer fueled by heavy metal =-
No, will try that tomorrow. Didn't realise there had been one!

I am running T3CH XBMC 2008-12-30 SVN rev16762 and it takes ages to update. Any suggestions besides latest svn as i don't have the means to compile myself?
Is there files from an old build that we can simply overwrite the current ones to get this to work again?
Nope... The problem is most likely (99%+) in the xbmc binary. What would really help here is figuring out which (t3ch) SVN version the problem was introduced...
-= Team Kodi developer fueled by heavy metal =-
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