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How do i set up these cool looking movie-poster-description-things?

I am new to XBMC and my english is not very well, so sorry for that..

Well, I have a litte problem with XBMC (and Aeon, but I think my problem has nothing to do with the skin)

My situation is more or less simple:
For now, I have a "Movies" folder with all my Movies inside it (surprise surprise)

Like this:
Movies -> 300 -> 300.avi

Now, I have installed XBMC and the Aeon skin (its so awsom Nod)
when I klick on Movies, it shows me nothing but an option to pick an location of my video files.
OK, I selected my Movies Folder.

Well, an now there are a few thinks, where i dont know how to fix them!

Every time I klick on "Movies", XBMC shows me his "File Browser" with only one entry, ... my Movies folder...... why?! I want klick on "Movies" and get directly to my movies (which are subfolders under the Movies folder)!

How do i get posters?
I know, when you put a "300.tbn" next to the "300.avi" video file, you see this poster when selecting the .avi file (or whatever) instead of a generated preview picture.

But, when selecting the folder "300", it displays only the default "this is an Folder"-picture, an NOT the 300 Poster! (which is obviosly the only video/picture-file inside of this folder).

and at last:
In these sweet demonstration videos i saw, when you select a movie, you always geht a nice "demonstration page" of the movie, with a cool Background, the Poster, and the discription of the Movie!
When I click my Movie ( which means the .avi/.mpg, whatever file ), it just starts playing!

What must I do, to get this Descriptions, Covers, ect.?

Is there any good and simple (accent on good and simple) how-to out there?
Key is to (re)name the files the right way. Mostly it should be sufficient to rename the files like the following: NAME (DATE) ANYTHING ELSE.extention
Get the date of the movie at, or whichever site you want to use XBMC's scrapers on.

Some examples:
300 (2006).avi
300 (2006) famous qoute - you've threatened my people with--.avi
300 (2006) Directors Cut.mkv

After that, in XBMC navigate to (onto it, not in it) the folder that contains all movies and hit C followed by "Set Content". In there set the content of the folder to movies and select a scraper for a site you wan't to get the information from, f.e. After you've done that hit C on the folder again an select "scan for new content", now XBMC should extract all the info from the specific site you set the scraper for and add it to a internal library file (which you can delete manually under %appdata%\XBMC\UserData\Database\ ). After this has finished, look on the left of XBMC's UI where you should see the option "Library Mode" activate it, and it allows you to sort all your movies and other files by different modes of choice. And using different list views. Switch through the view modes (again on the left side of the UI, you might have to press <- (left) to get it to appear), once you've found your movies in the Library, to get to your desired coverart/backgroundimage/movieinfo view, which is only available in one of the two skins for XBMC available in the beta build. If you find this specific view missing, you have to switch to the other skin in settings/appearance.

Once you've got a hang of it, you can also add TV series to your library, where you have to rename not only files (Showname S02E05 Episodetitle(optional).avi or similiar naming patterns should work), but also the series folder as well as subfolders according to the naming scheme you'll find here:

\Doctor Who (2005)\Season 1\Doctor Who - S01E01.avi

Specials or Bonus files should be stored under "Season 0", with the episode categorization you'll find on or whichever site you choose to scrape the info and pictures from.
@first, navigate to where XBMC shows you your Movies folder, then onto it (again, not in it but onto it), hit C and then choose "Make Default".
amazing, thank you Big Grin
Is there any possibility to get german movie descriptions? (maybe by manually creating an description file?)

EDIT: Oh boy, I just downloaded the Aeon Backdrops and set'em up. It looks so..... XBMC is so freeking awsome!!!
Use the ofdb scraper insted of the imdb one. Smile
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How do i set up these cool looking movie-poster-description-things?51