MediaStream v0.94 Released (06/10/2008)
skunkm0nkee Wrote:It's even easier when in library or files mode to open the options menu (press right or up) and select the files/library option

Allow me to disagree Sad
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I'm using 0.94 with latest t3CH (Beta2) release on my XBOX (in "Lite") mode.
Just wanted to say that now all my memory problems seem to have disappeared! (previously after using the skin for a few minutes files would refuse to play, library would not update, etc) - Yahoo!! Big Grin

(I also resized all my fanart to 960x540 as suggested by someone on here so that may have helped too)

BUT, one thing that seems to have disappeared / isn't working correctly in the 0.94 release is the episode count of TV Shows.
Previously it showed total episodes and number of unwatched episodes (a feature I loved) - this seems to have disappeared - now it is only the total episodes showing... is this because of the "lite" version?
or is it confirgurable somewhere?

Thanks again for the best XBOX Skin ever!
Hasn't been removed (or not intentionally anyway!). Check you are using the Wide view as I think this is the only view for TV Shows that has that info.
Hitcher Wrote:Any chance of adding the Watched/Unwatched icons to episodes in Media Preview mode (and the other views as they only appear in Info List and Episdoes view mode ATM)?

Forgot to say that I've added the overlay to Episodes version of Media Preview will think about other views when I can.

Also been doing a bit of playing about with Coverflow view (as you may have seen in the Gallery thread) and found that it almost worked with wide tv show thumbs but there was too much wasted space above it. To get around that I've added an option for lowering the lower part of the overlay for tv shows coverflow. Means some extra fanart visibility for all you fanart fanboys Wink

skunkm0nkee Wrote:Forgot to say that I've added the overlay to Episodes version of Media Preview will think about other views when I can.

Thanks. Big Grin
Great theme but I am having a problem with it.

When I pop in a dvd and go to "Play the DVD" the xbox will just freeze. It only does it with this theme. All the other project mayhem themes work, but I want this theme. To play a dvd I have to change the theme, start the DVD, and then change the theme back to the MediaStream. I added a shortcut to the dvd in the programs menu to play dvd and that even freezes, but only on the MediaStream skin.

Anybody know what could be causing this?
Problem Fixed: I needed to use the "Lite" version of the skin.

But what is the difference between the two?
One's intended for use on the Xbox (Lite) to stop memory issues and the other is for Windows/Linux/MAC.

I have proposal to make scrolling in lists a bit better.
When I scroll in lists that do not fit on one screen, the list starts to scroll when I'm at the lowest item that fits on the screen and press down (same as the top item and pressing up).
I think it would be better if the list scrolls down/up when going down/up from the second item from the bottom/top. It will then also be a marker to the user that s/he will only be on the lowest item if it is the last in the list.

At least I tend to scroll one item to far since it is hard to notice when you have "arrirved" at the correct list position.

Thanks for a great skin!!!

That wide TV Show icons View looks great Nod

Much Appreciated

Yea this skin is coming along very nicely indeed. Most of the memory issues have been cleaned up, thank god Rolleyes. My only problem now is that when using media preview view on movies. When I watch a movie and select to go back and look through the movie section while the movie plays every 4th or 5th thumbnail is missing. I am running the lite version of mediastream also.

Only thing on in network settings is internet lookups and FTP. I am using a thumbnail cache size of 384kb both in advanced settings and on imdb scraper. Using 720P screen resolution. I know its memory but can someone give me the optimum settings they have that will allow me to run mediastream perfectly. Or for mediastream dev's can we get anymore done to the lighter theme to make this work better?
The default thumbsize for the Xbox is 192 so it could be that.
skunkm0nkee Wrote:Hasn't been removed (or not intentionally anyway!). Check you are using the Wide view as I think this is the only view for TV Shows that has that info.

Right you were! - although why don't other views show this info? it's very useful..

One other thing - this may be skin related or may just be an XBMC issue so excuse me if it is but...
When you are navigating through your Movies section with "Hide Watched" on (mine is pretty large at about 500 movies) and you chose to mark a movie as Watched it always takes you back to the start of your collection.

This is very frustrating indeed.... any way around it?
again big thanks to the team for bringing one of the best skin experiences
to my mediacenter ! thank you and thank you..

btw, i think your library viewtypes is kinda boring.. no offense guys. i guess im
just one of the few.. really no offense- can't please everyones personal taste i know Wink
btw custom nacgrounds doesent work with the movies, pictures and music menu. On this items no custom bacgrounds show on the home screen. All the rest of the menu items works with custom backgrounds.
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