MediaStream v0.94 Released (06/10/2008)
Vaslav Wrote:Not sure if this is a bug or not, but in 0.94, which I pause a video, and then flip back to the navigation interface (using the "teletext" button, not sure what this feature is properly called) the progress bar remains visible while the rest of the on-screen info popup disappears. It looks irregular.
Has been fixed for the next release

Vaslav Wrote:Another point, though I suspect this isn't skin-related: in TV shows, in Seasons view, when I set it Descending sort order (I like the newest seasons to be at the top) it only takes effect in some shows, but not in others. Also, the view order is never saved - I have to reset it each time I load XBMC. Is that skin- or system-related?

I'm using 4:3, full skin, on Linux, if that matters.

Sounds XBMC related to me as the skin displays items in the order supplied by XBMC
Hey my question last time was, that i cant see my G Drive in File Manager correct.
You told me its a xbmc related thing,but in other skins i see it.So it must be your skin
Here a better explanation what is missing...
If i go to the file manager i can see all my drives perfect on the right and left sideSmilebut if i look in the middle there is no G drive only drives until f are seen.
I think you must only add G drive in the middle of file manager in some xml,so it must be easy to add
I hope you understand what i mean,if not i will post a screenshot
Thanks and great work so far
By all means post a screenshot as I don't really use the File Manager to often so it'll (hopefully) help me understand the issue
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