Released: XBMC Live Atlantis Beta 2
brumela Wrote:
mount -o loop restrictedDrivers.nvidia.img /mnt/tmp
cp -a /mnt/tmp/* /

Can someone explain what this does? I plan on upgrading my XBMC live USB install soon and planned on just using "aptitude upgrade" but then I saw this. Not sure how it works. Can I just execute this command once I ssh into the XBMC machine?
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mount -o loop restrictedDrivers.nvidia.img /mnt/tmp
line mounts the image file as loop device, meaning that you see the files in the image file under /mnt/tmp

cp -a /mnt/tmp/* /

this copies the directory structure to your root directory.

You can do it also in XBMCLive installation but 1st you need to mount the USB drive to get access to restrictedDrivers.nvidia.img file, e.g. if your USB device partition is /dev/sda1 then just type:
mount /dev/sda1 /media

The restrictedDrivers.nvidia.img shall be in /media after that.
Are there any ETA on beta3/rc for the live cd?
How can we get new ATI drivers ?l
My ATI laptop with Mobile Radeon 9000 chipset does not work with Beta 1 LiveCD
and also trying to fix it with xorg.conf file did not work
or with aticonfig

So how do I NOW get new ATI drivers or how can I install them ?
Many thanks.
Could you please aditionally put some kind of Norton Commander
clone software in XBMC ?
All this file copying and typing and the right path names etc.
are real annoying, if you need to copy files back and forth
and have to go through directories.

Or how I install something like this myself onto the USB stick
additionally ?
Many thanks.
You can install midnight commander with apt-get on XBMCLive:
sudo apt-get install mc
I wanted to try this, but if it erases the whole hard drive, then screw that! I got lots of movies lol.
Try the CD only?
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l.capriotti Wrote:XBMC Live Atlantis Beta2 has been released and is available at sourceforge.

Main changes since last release:

* updated NVIDIA drivers, 177.78
* enhanced XBMC Live creator, with bug fixes and new functionality such as install to hard disk. WARNING: THE HARD DISK WILL BE COMPLETELY ERASED!

Updated AMD/ATI drivers could not get through this time, they will be ready for next release - or even earlier than that..

Any news about new AMD/ATI drivers ? maybe with v-sync ?
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