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Missing TV Shows since upgrade
I was wondering if someone can help me. I am using XBMC on Windows Vista 64bit. I am using the Mediastream skin.

Recently I upgraded my skin from v 0.89 to v0.94. Since then some of my TV shows have gone missing. Initially they were listed, but with 0 episodes. I then did a rescan and the same ones that had 0 episodes are now missing all together.

If I disable the library in settings, i can then see the TV shows by browsing to them.

If I enable the library again, they vanish. I have tried viewing using project mayhem or aeon and the TV shows are then visible, so it does look like a problem with my mediastream config.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Open the options menu (press right or up) and uncheck the Hide Watched setting
Thanks for the tip, but I did not have Hide Watched checked
Sorry to ask again, but I am still getting this problem. I do not have the hide watched option switched on, but I still do not see several TV shows when I view in library mode. However if I go to file mode I can see them.

This is not a case of individual episodes, it hides an entire series.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

Have you tried viewing your library in another skin just to see if its a library issue as opposed to a MediaStream one. I had issues myself recently with the library and had to create a new one from scratch to get it to pick up some TV shows.

Yes, I have tried viewing in both PM and Aeon and can see the episodes fine.
Make sure you're using a proper TV Show/Episode view (I recommend Wide for TV Shows and Episodes for Episodes)
Thanks for trying, but that doesn't help either.
Bizarre Confused

XBMC provides the list of what needs to be displayed and then the skin chooses how to display them. The skin itself shouldn't be hiding specific entries so I don't really understand why it would work in other skins but not in MediaStream.

Are you sure you'r running the latest version of XBMC and the skin? If so, try deleting the skin and re-installing it from scratch (including removing any mediastream related settings from the guisettings.xml file)
One other thought - when you say you can see these shows in PM3 and Aeon, do you see them in library mode in those skins? If you are only seeing them in files mode then it suggests they are not scanned in to the library (if you can see plot info etc in PM3 for them then they should also be visible in MediaStream)
Thanks for the advice. I have actually managed to find the cause of the problem. It was down to file naming. Some of my files did not have the SxxEyy format in the file name and as a result they weren't visible in the library mode.

Is this a new feature, before i upgraded it wasn't a problem.

Anyway, cheers for your help.


Missing TV Shows since upgrade00