Guidelines and tools/help for making FanArt and Icons for XBMC
XBMC Online Manual - Wiki Articles on how to make your own Covers, Porters, Banners, FanArt, Icons, Episode images, etc. for XBMC:

Tip! Taksi is a free desktop video recorder/screenshot capture application for most versions of Windows. It can be hooked to most applications/games (via GDI, OpenGL, DirectX8 or 9) to record as an AVI video all that you are doing. It is based on the VFW API’s and can use any of the installed video codecs to encode in real time (if your CPU can handle it). This is an open source project that can also be found on
  • Uses any VFW video record codec. Such as XVid, DivX, MSMpeg4, etc.
  • Can record video as compressed or uncompressed AVI-files (no audio (yet)).
  • Video compression occurs in background thread for use in multi processor (hyperthread) machines.
  • Very simple user interface for hooking applications to be recorded.
  • Very small footprint (~300k). Written in C++, and does NOT use MFC.
  • Can capture video frames from applications using DirectX 8 or 9, OpenGL, or GDI
  • Has visual feedback while recording even in full screen games.
  • Runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP.
  • Hooks keyboard or uses DirectInput for hotkeys to control recording.
  • Captures still frames in BMP or PNG format.

PS! On a side note, most non-software companies will probebely give you their permission to use their images/pictures if they used as non-commercial promo for their products. Like for example, I'm sure that car manufacturers, comics publishers, or movie producers/directors, etc. have would be glad if you use their pictures in a skin as long as it just promotes their products in a possitive way. Otherwise, whenever possible try to use royalty-free, public domain (free licenses), or non-copyrighted digital 'clip-art' and images/pictures that skinners, and graphical-artists/designers can use in their skins free of charge (libre/gratis) and without having to worry about any legal issues. See => Links to websites with clipart/images which skinners can use for free.
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Guidelines and tools/help for making FanArt and Icons for XBMC54