Specific site or section for windows skins only? Looking for mouse friendly skins
Is there a specific section or site for just windows skins for xbmc? The reason I ask: when I try different skins like aeon and vinci I notice the setup is unfriendly to the mouse and heavily favor the controller, which I completely understand. Also, wondering if there is a windows compatible skin that has a playback bar for video/audio that you can click to jump forward rather than hitting fast forward 3-4 times to get to the middle of the movie easily.

I've been a big fan of xbmc since modding my xbox1 and was so happy to find xbmc is alive and well, I'll be building a htpc just because xbmc was created for windows!
I've tried most of the skins, and, unfortunately, the only one that is truly mouse friendly is PMIII.HD.

I believe the playback slider feature is in the Trac as a request for future versions (post Atlantis).
Have you tried MediaStream? It's pretty mouse friendly.
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dhrandy Wrote:Have you tried MediaStream? It's pretty mouse friendly.

That was the first skin I tried (before it was bundled with XMBC... v0.91 or v0.92 I think it was) and it was all but unusable with a mouse. I just d/led v0.94. I'll give that a try tomorrow, thanks.

I did forget Clearity, though. That one was aaaalmost usable with a mouse, but apparently it's no longer being developed and is missing some functionality. Such a nice skin too....
PM3.HD is the "mouse friendliest" skin I know and we bundle this by default
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Specific site or section for windows skins only? Looking for mouse friendly skins51