Playing RTSP multicast streams

I have done a few attempts on trying to play a multicast stream with XBMC, with no luck at all (I must say, this is my first try with XBMC). So, my question is, does XBMC support multicast at all - or do I do something seriously wrong?

I have tried to put rtsp:// into a .strm-file with no luck. I have also verified that the data is readable by XBMC, by dumping a raw file with VLC and tried to play it with XBMC - which worked.
Yeah it is a known fact that the current RTSP/RTP client code (from FFmpeg) in XBMC is not good, see feature suggestion: and unfinished patch

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Thanks for the links and information. I also see that you changed the milestone for the ticket, thanks.

If you should be interested, my use case is this:

At home I have a IPTV-provider with both 720 and 1080 HD channels, each of them at a separate multicast addresses (like this: I would believe that this kind of delivery would slowly become more and more popular in the future.

Currently I just use VLC with a custom web-interface to switch channels, which isn't very user friendly since I also want to view more static media from time to time.
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