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HOW-TO add and scan media files into XBMC Library
I'm new to xbmc, and I'm having trouble putting on the add-ons because I got xbmc through nitotv, I was having trouble downloading it directly.
Im trying to get the SMB share working between Windows 7 and ATV and keep getting an "error 2" meesage. Any advice? Ive tried everything on the forums without any luck. See below youtube video which gives an overview of my problem. Thanks

is there a way to get .dts and .ac3 music files read into the music library? As far as I know I can't tag those filetypes like I can with .mp3 files.
everytime i try and watch icefilms on my xbmc platform for mmy apple tv i shows me an error script. The same thing happens with navi-x. Can anyone help me out with this problem?
I have xbox 360 Slim. I am trying to stream media to my xbox through xbmc on my pc. I am able to see both Movies and music which are added lo library and scanned. But no "Pictures". Why I am not able to see them on my xbox ? does Upnp works for Pictures also ?
Hi ,i try to scan my adulte chanels, but when i open the video addons i don't see the icon adulte chanel, how can i do ? thanks
Hi all,

I have installed XBMC-Buntu on a Shuyttle sx35GT V2 and all seems to be working well.

I do have an issue with getting XBMC to scrape 2 different External HDD's. I have one external HDD with movies on and one external HDD with TV, Stand Up Comedy and Docco's etc on it. I have the external HDD with movies on scraping fine and the movies are all in the movies directory with covers and Movie info.

Does anyone know how i can get it to recognize the second HDD, thus far i can only watch stuff on it via media manager.

Thanks in advance.
XBMC's video library seems split into a "Movies" and a "TV Shows" sub-library.

Whenever I choose "Update video library" (either manually in the library context menu, or automated on startup), it only says "Downloading TV Shows information" and it indeed only scans for new TV Shows.

I have to go into Video -> Files -> [movie source] and choose "Scan for new content" in order to actually update the movies. But this action cannot be automated.

Is this working as intended?

Edit: Never mind, it was working as intended since I had somehow checked the option "Exclude this folder from library updates" for my movie source. How did I not figure this out for a week, but within an hour after posting this? Rolleyes

I am updating my library of TV Shows
My issue is ..... I have some Part1 and some part2 shows

Creature.Comforts.s01e02.Pets at the Vets (Part 1)
Creature.Comforts.s01e02.Pets at the Vets (Part 2)

These do display in the library.
As shown in Library

There is no distinction between the two

If I do:
Creature.Comforts.s01e02a.Pets at the Vets (Part 1)
Creature.Comforts.s01e02b.Pets at the Vets (Part 2)


Creature.Comforts.s01e02.1.Pets at the Vets (Part 1)
Creature.Comforts.s01e02.2.Pets at the Vets (Part 2)

or any of the other variants they don't show up in the Library


File stacking doesn't work for TV shows yet.
How do I edit the information being scraped through for tv series? I.e. I have The Killing being shown as the Danish one and V as the old one? Any suggestions how o change?
Try adding the premiere year to the show title.
hi out there
i need a solution for my problem, i didnt find an answer..but i found some other people with the same 'problem'

i have a movie directory with all my movies, scrapper works fine
inhave a tv show dir, works fine...

and i have a torrent dir...i move the file in the correct location whem ratio is ok...i think every 2 month i clean the dir..but i want thatnall files there would bes scrapped correctly

any ideas? (using openelec 3.95.1 with xbmc gotham
Hi, if you download a file rename the folder to the movie name no extras and dont load the *.nfo of the file
Ok I have searched and cannot find a solution kodi is force adding three shows I do not have into my library 2 Chinese cop shows and a f1 racing review show if I delete or remove them they will auto add back. I know they aren't misscraped or wrongfully labeled as they where first brought in before I added anything. Any ideas?

HOW-TO add and scan media files into XBMC Library4.333