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NABBOX (Python script)

Here is a script that will allow to connect and browse the French forum which provides TVRip of a lot of French shows.
You can play videos directly from the script or you can download them using it.
Since is a french forum, and video stored on it are mostly in French, this script is currently only provided in French, so I am not sure how many people will be interested.
FYI, it is compatible with the version of XBMC release before and after the beta1, and also run on XBOX, Windows, Linux and Mac.
I did only the UI part, Alexsolex did the core part which connect to the website and send and get informations.

Here is a screenshot:

You will need to create an account on (free) and set up your account parameters using the script UI.
You can download the version 1.1 of NABBOX script HERE

If you see any bugs, thanks for telling us.

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