[LINUX] HOW-TO edit or change and make sense of LIRC keymap for XBMC, a guide
When i run IRW, it shows nothing. I tried to map my remote using irrecord, but still this doesn't work, any tips? In irrecord it did recognize my buttons. According to lsusb, my remote is Bus 003 Device 002: ID 195d:7002 Itron Technology iONE Libra-Q11 IR remote.

I uset this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Instal...a%20Remote

with the latest svn, my lirc remote does not work anymore.
It was working well until r22198. Now I'm using r23441.
With irw, it's still ok.
I kept Lircmap.xml in .xbmc/userdata/
I did not change it.

I have a remote.xml in /usr/local/share/xbmc/system/keymaps/

But in the xbmc.log, I have no message telling that LIRC started, like I used to have, even if I have
INFO: Loading special://profile/Lircmap.xml

What can I do?

Why do setting up remotes have to be such a pain anyway ?
Is there anyway to program a compound command. I am using an mceusb remote and I wish to program a single button to go to the deinterlace command (or audio or video settings) but there is no command to do these things in remote.xml that I can map to a button in my Lircmap.xml. Do I need to write a python script and define a button in remote.xml or can it be done entirely in the remote.xml file? If so how?
how can I add/modify keymappings from eg /usr/share/xbmc/system/keymaps/remote.xml.

I want to add 3 and 6 für VolumeUp/-Down, so i put a remote.xml in ~/.xbmc/keymaps/, which contains:
... so I thought I'd add/overwrite systemwide settings.
But that does not work. Doesn't it work like other conf.d/ - direcotries and all xml files will just be included?
I tried other filenames (eg Keymap.xml) but it didn't work either.
So what's wrong?

thanks in advance

... sorry, I used an existing "keymaps" folder in .xbmc/ instead of the right one in .xbmc/userdata/. Now working.
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[LINUX] HOW-TO edit or change and make sense of LIRC keymap for XBMC, a guide4
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