home-focus.gif doesn't work on some items
I rearranged some items on the home screen, and now the bottom two items of the main five don't have the yellow dot, which i'm assuming is home-focus.gif

Otherwise everything works fine. Any idea why it would work on the first three? Here is the code of one that doesn't work.

<description>My Programs normal push button</description>
<hitrect x="45" y="15" w="220" h="40" />
looks fine to me so I assume you have the button code on top of the
PHP Code:
<control type="image">
so the background one gets drawn over the top of it making the focus one invisible
Thanks for your quick reply! Unfortunately I'm not really sure if you're asking me a question or pointing out the problem. Could you elaborate for me? Much appreciated!
the xmls are drawn from top to bottom
if you have the nonfocus background image control (<texture>homebutton-small.png</texture> The one I posted above) below the actual button control in the home.xml file (the one you posted) the nonfocus one will be drawn on top of it making the focus drawn under it ( so you can't see it )
That makes sense. For some reason this home.xml has "My Weather normal push button" control listed twice along with the other ones that are working. Where as the two that aren't are listed once, i guess they're not repeated below the nonfocus image control like you said. I'll blame whoever made this home.xml!
or, its just because when I changed the posy on the buttons, I didn't realize i had to change the ones below. I get it now.
marcusjb Wrote:I'll blame whoever made this home.xml!

Laugh That would be me Wink

Just post the whole thing to pastebin.com if your still having troubles and I'll look at it
I'm sure I'll get it working now. Why are there two My Pictures controls with different posx and posy, along with the other controls, am I missing something?
Ok, i've gotten myself pretty lost, and i don't want to start over, so if you don't mind looking at it, it would be great.

Yeah its all to do with what I said the order of the things in the xml getting drawn over the top of the others
try this one
note I changed the Y pos and the layout a bit of all the menu ones
works perfectly! You're awesome!
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