[XBOX] HOW-TO fully use your Comcast Remote with XBMC for Xbox
vcehoa Wrote:Many thanks, this worked great for me too.

You have a typo in the instructions that slowed me down a bit, but I found the xbox code I needed on the Comcast data sheet:

Now for setting up all the buttons
T aux -> HS -> 0822 ->

Should read:

Now for setting up all the buttons
T aux -> HS -> 20522 ->

Where did u find the comcast data sheet? I accidentally killed my Vol- button for my Sony TV now I can only turn up the volume.No I need to reprogram the Vol- . thanks.

Edit: Found out how to factory reset it on RCForums:
Factory Reset

This reset will delete all macros and keymoves and reset device codes to defaults.

1. Press and hold the "Setup" key until a device key blinks twice.
2. Type in the code 981.
3. If successful, a device key will blink FOUR times.

This will kill everything so use this to bring CABLE button back to life.
1. Press CBL key
2. Press and hold SETUP until CBL blinks twice
3. Type 1376

It should blink twice. If it blinks long once, it could be one of two problems. One could be that CBL device is locked. To unlock it:

1. Press CBL key
2. Press and hold SETUP unit CBL binks twice
3. Type 982
4. Go back to step 1 above.
I have the Comcast remote that of course does not list the model number, but is the one that supports the DVR function as well as On-Demand. The tips for remote is listed, does it support the newer remotes or was this for a specific model?
Worked like a charm!! Of course after I ordered a second xbox remote for my bedroom xbmc. Nice to have just one remote now! One question though,..... What do the volume keys control? It would be sweet to be able to set my stereo receiver at a "set volume", and control the volume output via xbmc. Is this possible? Using the codes in the post, the volume buttons cause a small display to appear on the top left corner....looks like a timer or some type of chapter marker? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help....
I dont think you can do it with that remote. Becuouse it is on a 3 device remote. but if you can all the info would be Here

But for what you want to do I would recommend taking the plunge and getting a harmony remote. I did a year or two ago when I picked up the Harmony H-659 and its been the best purchase I have made. And when you want to upgrade from the xbox to a pc (linux or windows) you switch the harmony remote to its WMC keyboard mode, set the buttons as keys and a way you go
Amducious, thanks for the quick reply! I actually have the live version running on a hp pc. I have been using the xbox remote kit to control my live installation, until I found your post. So am I getting this correct? Volume control will only work on a xbox install? Thanks again!
When I made this guide it was for the Xbox I never tried it on any other setup so I could not say what it dose on the live setup
Hmm. i cant seem to get these to work. The only thing I could get to work was:

Now for setting up all the buttons
T aux -> HS -> 20522 ->
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