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Yes, but I'd rather see something new
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HORIZONZ: Widecase Poll
I've been trying to figure out which View I could remove to accomodate a new Feature based view which would be available across the entire Skin. Wide Icons are on the way out and due to me not receiving any positive feedback on the Widecase Banner View, I've decided that it would be the most convenient to remove, so all Horizonz users are living in a uniform universe, using the same Thumbnail Types. So, I just want to find out what your take is on Widecase before I remove it.

Thanks for the feedback.
I'd have no complaints if you removed it.
Take it out, anyone who used Aeon knows wide icons are not the way to go. So, to me, it doesn't matter if you take it out or not!
It wouldn't bother me.
I dont use widecase anymore. Posters are the way forward.
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Never even knew it existed Smile
Wide icons never really fit in Aeon, you could always tell they were an afterthought.
I don't use wide icons myself.
Definitely wide icons!
Banners are so yesterday

seems wide icons are losing their appeal... still time to vote though, so things may change...
Depends on what you mean by new?!?
im still using wideicon for my categories. then its showcase for the rest.
if you need the wide xml let me know..

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WTF, why remove the only view mode that use wide icons? Wouldnt it be bettter to remove one of the others, since the all look almost the same?

I use wide banners on my series, since xbmc gets the info from thetvdb and there are mostly wide banners?

Wide banners are also the default banner that xbmc download for the series, so I wonder, do you all change your icons for all your series to a homemade icon or choose the only NOT wide icon from thetvdb?

The two most used features of aeon/horizonz for me is showcase view for movies in files mode, and wide case view for tv shows in library mode.

So I would very much like for it to be kept. Cheers

Yep, I'm using wide case for TV shows in library mode. If anything I'd like to see the widecase view improved not taken out. IMO i think the TV banners look a lot slicker than posters (only TV banners though).

1 Vote against taken them out here!!No
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