10-15sec video skip when changing subtitles.

I have xbmc installed on top of a clean hardy install.

Whenever I change subtitle language, the video fast forwards 10-15secs (the movie runs at 300fps for 3-4secs then stabilizes back). This occurs on any type of subs I have (srts, vobsub, embedded in mkv's ...).

Am I alone with this problem?

C2D E2160 @ 2.5ghz
2x1GB DD2 Crucial
Gigabyte GA-F31M-S2L
Geforce 6200LE
Seagate 160GB
Pioneer DVD-R
You are not alone.
Subtitles - Serious Business
Anything in the log when it does this? Would probably help to provide more info...
Openelec Gotham, MCE remote(s), Intel i3 NUC, DVDs fed from unRAID cataloged by DVD Profiler. HD-DVD encoded with Handbrake to x.264. Yamaha receiver(s)
this should have been fixed. you sure it's still an issue?
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It happens to me too any time I select a subtitle.
I run on ubuntu 8.04
running Ubuntu hardy with atlantis beta 2 ppc install
I have this issue as well. happens every time i change the audio track. the logs i provided here: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/5241 should show this behavior as well.

my platform info:
Linux xbmcpc 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP i686
xbmc from /ppa.launchpad.net_team-xbmc-hardy_ubuntu_dists_hardy_main_binary-i386_Packages
version 8.10b2-hardy1 rev 15810

it should probably be noted that my old xbmc on xbox doesn't do the fast fwd thing, but it does stop for 5-7 seconds when changing audio tracks.
Reformatted the PC. Getting the exact same problem on the windows version of XBMC.
There were two bugs.
1. Changing the subtitle track would reset to the default audio track. This has been fixed in SVN on 10/13. This has not appeared in a released build yet.
2. Whenever there is a change in the audio track, it causes the audio to skip forward about 10-15 seconds. At this point the video speeds up to intercept the current point where the audio is playing. I think this has something to do with the stream switching code, and may also be what causes subtitles to disappear for a few seconds when you skip forward or back or pause. I haven't noticed anything in trac that would indicate that this has been fixed, and I have to assume that it will be a core dvdplayer issue.
Subtitles - Serious Business

16023 and 16024 may fix the subtitle disappearing bug, but I won't know unless I build it myself. I'll probably wait for the release.
Subtitles - Serious Business
15926, 15928 maybe too.
Subtitles - Serious Business
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