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themoviedb.org (TMDb) site needs Movie FanArt for...
What about something like this:


I think that the text and generic CD images/bars look a bit...rough for the HD content we've been putting out. Plus I think it would be cooler to do it w/o text...have one image that can convey what genre you're supposed to be using...
I'll keep working away at it.....thanks digitalhigh.
No problem. Check out the new music pack...lemme know what you think of my usage of Unsharp mask/auto levels/auto contrast. Big Grin
Looking very nice, keep it up DH.....
OK.....Xbox users may want to try these if they like using MediaStream. FanArt scaled to 960X540 to help with the RAM issues.

There are 80 images so far.....more on the way......370 that I know of!!! Download is in my Signature.
You know...irfanview has a wonderful batch resizer...


Oh, and I'd also like to request fanart for the movie The Wiz. True hilarity right there...
The Wiz.......You really want me to work, don't you. LOL

How you like the Atlantis Splash I came up with?
This is what I got so far....is it okay or I could keep working on some stuff.

I need fan art for this one http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/13344

John Adams was a HBO Mini-Series that was made up of 7 episodes. TheTVdB has FanArt and episode descriptions ( and Thumbnails) for the series HERE. It may have been released on DVD as an entire movie, so the FanArt is being added to theMovieDb now.
i now it was a HBO Mini-Series but the travis said Mini-Series are ok to add
Look dude, I wasn't telling you that so you could pop off at the keyboard. I told you so you would know you could look over at TheTVDb for those kinds of shows too.
@FourTwentySmilz: I did some updates for the fanart you did for me (thanksCool)
but Im having a hard time finding FIRST SUNDAY and The Perfect Holiday. If you could point me in the right direction or search phrase that would be just wonderful and off the heezyNod
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I'm still in need of the following movie fanart if anyone wants to help. I've gone through and added/updated them all on themoviedb.org. Thanks!
7 More Days In The Tank
A Bronx Tale
The Abandoned
American Nightmare
Beautiful Girls
Burnt Offerings
Eight Men Out
H.H. Holmes:America's Firt Serial Killer
Murder Party
My Man Godfrey
Puddle Cruiser
Return To House On haunted Hill
Say Anything
She's The One
Sleepaway Camp
Sleepover Nightmare
Summer Of Sam
The Abandoned
The Basketball Diaries
The Changeling
The Dead Girl
The Doom Generation
The Driller Killer
The Funhouse
The Ghosts Of Edendale
The Gravedancers
The Ice Harvest
The Mangler
The Philadelphia Story
The Ref
The Road To Wellville
The Secret
The Slaughterhouse Massacre
The United States Of Leland
The Wendell Baker Story
Tourist Trap
True Colors
Wrong Turn 2
Year Of The Dog
Hello everybody......Dropping a line to let people know, I got called outta town ( last minute) to do PRE- Thanksgiving with my wifes family. I'll be back at the desk to work on FanArt on Friday.

kautious.......I checked theMovieDb.......First Sunday + Perfect holiday are not there yet. I know they were on Meligrove and should have made the move to theMovieDb, but must have been lost in the transfer. I'll work on those as soon as I get back to town.

Aenima99x......Have some of those already complete and will be posting as soon as I'm back, also.

See you all when I get back

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themoviedb.org (TMDb) site needs Movie FanArt for...3
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