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digitalhigh Offline
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Dude...downloading "feed" now just because of that Backdrop. Very interesting...
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crash123 Offline
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digitalhigh Wrote:Dude...downloading "feed" now just because of that Backdrop. Very interesting...
Yea man feed was messed up (the good kind of messed up).
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Abe Froman Offline
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high school high
fear of a black hat
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daniberry Offline
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Hi I am new to this forum, welcome me guys !!!!
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PatK Offline
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(2017-09-12 16:06)daniberry Wrote:  Hi I am new to this forum, welcome me guys !!!!
This forum thread is used for artwork requests for content that Kodi handles, it's not a social club or media fan, please confine your posts to support or requests in the proper forum and category as per Forum_rules (wiki)

Regardless, a welcome to the forum if this is all you wanted.

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