Last Source Path not "Remembered"?
From the Home menu we have both 'Movies' & 'TV Shows' ... with each they should point to different sources for my needs.

Source setup...

TV = \\office\media\tv
Movies = \\office\media\movies

I thought the skin would "remember" the last location for each of these selections once it navigated to it?

It seems that they both only remember the same location... and sometimes they both "forget" and revert back to the Sources root (where you choose a source).

Anyone have this problem... or know how to fix?

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
while your in the location of your choosing .. go into library mode

once your in there .. then it remembers to always enter the correct library mode location Movie for movies and TV for tv
I almost never use Library view... since I often have movies and tv shows that I delete after I watch.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Just add them in the options.

AEON > Home shortcuts > Set Movies Target (Current: [ENTER YOUR MOVIE FOLDER NAME HERE]), Set TV Shows Target (Current: [ENTER YOUR TV FOLDER NAME HERE])
do what hitcher says... hehehe... look at me trying to be helpful
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