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XBMC skin suite by wabidwoveren (XME)
well allxboxskins is a great place to look, unfortunatly their skin upload is down, so i will need to wait for them to fix their probles.
the skin i put online, is the exact code, and textures that were part of the sf repository. the only differences would be bugs that have been since the rar was created.
can someone give me adjusted values so that the "big icons" will be well.. bigger? maybe 320 pixels as it's on a 1080i 65" tv.

below is refrences.html control section "default thumbnail panel"
<description>default thumbnail panel</description>


i did it myself but the thumbnails although working had the text in the wrong places.. etc etc.

i've put in bold the values i believe need to be changed.

no, seriously man.  i may not have gotten my build from the right place, but the default mediacenter has a different font size than the xme from the xme web site.  again, this is just from the build i have, so nobody whig out on me or anything.  i guess it's just something to do with my build.  is it okay if i delete my current mediacenter contents and replace it with those from the xme web site?
nice skin!

some comments:
-the symboles used for tickmarks, checkmark for on and cross for off, feels a bit ambiguous to me. the reason might be that whilest checkmark is used as a positive marker in the us whilest, at least in sweden it is mostly used as a negative marker (at least when i went to ground school it was) and the cross is most often used to check things off = positive(like in a exam multiple choice test). hence i find the use of both symboles in the gui a bit ambiguous. why not use a usual empty square for a tickmark set to off and use either the checkmark or the cross for a tickmark set to on? just don't use both at the same time.

- in pal the page up/page down arrows are shown on top of the file list.

- in pal, the settings menu doesn't wrap around from the top menu item to the last menu item (just stays on the top item).

- i prefer to have the currently playing item shown in a different color, hence i have modified my references.xml to use <selectedcolor>ffffff80</selectedcolor> (light yellow) instead of the current <selectedcolor>ffffffff</selectedcolor> (white - same color as used for non-playing files).

- the symboles used to warm boot(?)=house, shutdown=exit and cold boot(?)=left arrow seem a bit unclear to me. i found the ones used in the previous default skin clearer. as for the button used for turning-off the xbox, why not name it "off" instead of "exit"? to me, exit implies exiting the program, not necessarilly turning of the xbox.

- in pal, when having adjusted the ui to show the whole miniature in-line picture of the playing movie, the symboles for pause, rewind etc. only show partly on screen; upper/right is off-screen.

i use latest cvs 2004-03-12. Smile
/mosax :) ...likes xbmc
maybe you should move the question mark button (credits) to the far left in the top button row on the start page. i mean, it would save one 'click' to get to the other three presumably much more frequently used buttons if you did. Smile
/mosax :) ...likes xbmc
wabid now that you have had a xme bonanza on axs.com shouldn't there also be an update of the xbmc webserver gfx? Image
the new default skin is fantasty. however, there are still some bugs. for 480p 16x9, the background pictures are stretched horizontally. is there a quick fix?

for 720p and 1080i, the problem is a little more severe. the sizes and locations of icons are not corret. i know the developers do not have access to hdtv. i am willing to do the information gathering and testing. just let me know what you need.
yea webserver is on my todo list, right after alot of sleep. maybe on some boring weekend ill put it together.
can someone please use a larger font for a skin, i have pretty good eyes, and the font in 1080i mode even on my 63inch tv is way to small.

here are a few screen shots of how small and hard to read from across the room. picture 1
picture 2picture 3

sorry the shots aren't to good, but you get the point.
there is a screenshot button, (left thumbstick)
i was trying to show relative size, you can't see that the fonts are 1/3 an inch tall on a 63" tv from a screen shot. ;-)
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i'm currently creating a 720p skin based on the default skin.

this is how it looks with the current cvs:

720p (old)

so far i made it into looking like this:

720p (new)

so please give me comments for like:
- if i'm going the wrong way with this skin?
- should i stick more to the default layout/look?
- bigger fonts?
- do i need to blow pictures up?
- etc
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thanks for all the comments Image
nah just kidding, i find it fun creating this skin so i couldn't resist to continue :d

oke the old my programs:

default list
default icons
default big icons

new 720p my programs:

720p list
720p icons
720p big icons
looks good! good work.
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XBMC skin suite by wabidwoveren (XME)00